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Johnny Sonata's Soul

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Johnny Sonata's Soul


Johnny Sonata's Soul is an Archvillain and a Tortured Victim.

Villains can find him on the Get back Johnny's soul mission from Johnny Sonata. (Levels 35-39)


Sold to a demon on a lonely winter night in exchange for fame, wealth and power, Johnny Sonata's soul may be the last remnant of a different, better person who might have been. Johnny might want his soul back, but Johnny's soul might not want to return.


Johnny's Personal Hell

Before combat:
"When you're trapped in a hole,
"Because ya sold yer soul,
"That's purgator-ay!
"When ya sold yer soul for gold,
"And ta keep from gettin' old,
"That's purgator-ay!"
Combat start: "You'll never take me back to Johnny! I'll never go back after all that he's done!"
"Say hello to my little friend!"
At 75% health: "Everytime I try to get out, Johnny keeps trying to drag me back in!"
At 50% health: "You think you're big time? You're gonna die big time!"
At 25% health: "I won't go back! Johnny's gotta get what he deserves!"
"I guess..."
"I win..."
Upon defeating a villain: "I won't let him win! He deserves everything that he's got comin'!"


Power Missing.png Ethereal

Flight TravelFlight.png Flight Self Fly
Johnny Sonata's Soul flys.

SonicBlast Medium.png Scream Moderate Damage over Time -Damage Resistance
You are being buffeted by waves of sound and taking damage! Your Damage Resistance has been reduced.

SonicBlast Cone.png Howl -Resist
The Howl has reduced your damage resistance.

SonicBlast Knockback.png Shockwave Moderate Damage (Lethal) +Knockback
You can call forth a tremendous Shockwave that can knock down foes and deal some lethal damage in a wide cone area.

SonicBlast Heavy.png Shout -Resist
The sonic Shout has reduced your damage resistance.

SonicBlast MassiveDamage.png Dreadful Wail Disorient, -Resist
You have been disoriented and your resistance to damage has been decreased.

SonicDebuff BuffDamageRes.png Sonic Dispersion Area of Effect +Damage Resistance (All except Psionic) +Resistance (Immobilization, Disorient, Hold)

SonicDebuff DebuffDamRes.png Sonic Siphon Disorient, -Resist (All)
Your resistances have been weakened by the sonic attack.

Invulnerability ResToPhysicalDmg.png Resistance +Res( C20 E-20 N20 T20 ) +Prot( Im 8 Sl 8 Fr 8 )
Johnny Sonata's Soul is highly resistant to all damage and Immobilization.

Temporary PVP BuffDefense.png Resistance Auto, Self
Archvillain Resistance