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A non-functional Quantum Array Gun

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From the Story Arc "The Peace Killers" given by Sunstorm.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 5-9.

Souvenir's Text

A non-functional Quantum Array Gun
Council souv.png

When you bonded with a Kheldian energy being and were transformed into a Peacebringer, you knew that these great new powers you'd been given could earn you new enemies. It was one a mission to find out about some of the new enemies you'd encountered that you discovered the origins of

The Peace Killers.

It all started when you were asked to investigate the origins of the mysterious new Quantum Array weapons designed specifically to hurt Kheldians. The First step in your investigation took you into battle with the Skulls. A Skull leader had been bragging about the new weapons he was about to get. You applied some pressure, and found out where the Skulls were storing their Quantum Array Guns.

Moving on that information, you hit the warehouse the Skulls were stockpiling their new gear in, only to find that the Hellions were also on the scene. In your battle to secure the warehouse, you learned from one of the defeated Hellions that they were about to make a weapons buy themselves.

Wasting little time, you went it to break up the deal. You found Council operatives on the scene making the deal with the Hellions, and learned that a new shipment of weapons had just come into town and was just being tested before the sale.

You found the Council's test site and defeated them, securing the shipment of Quantum Array weapons in the process. You also discovered that the weapons were being manufactured by the Council themselves.

With information gained in your last adventure, you were able to locate the base where the Quantum Array Guns were being sent. You cleaned out the base, and learned two interesting facts. First, that the Council is having a lot of trouble producing Quantum Array Guns to Arakhn's specifications. Secondly, that the Void Hunters Mercenaries are being sent out by the Council to work with many villain groups as a second way to strike against the Kheldians.

You bravely struck a Council base that had been supporting Void Hunter Mercenaries. You captured the base commander, and discovered that the Void Hunters had been created specifically to attack Kheldians, using something called a 'Nictus fragment'

The full details and ramifications of what you discovered may take some time, but for now you've shed light on the forces arrayed against you and all other Peacebringers. With a foe as implacable as the Council, it's a battle that is sure to last for a long time to come.

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