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A blank invitation

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From the Story Arc "The Conference of Evil" given by Viridian.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 45-50.

Souvenir's Text

Souvenir: A Blank Invitation

When you were working with the Arachnos Spy-master Viridian, you had to deliver invitations like this one to some of the most notorious characters in the world of crime. And though the conference this blank invitation led to didn't go as planned, it was still a memorable escapade you recall as

The Conference of Evil

Viridian was straight and to the point. He needed someone as powerful as you to gather together the heads of several of the more tractable villainous organizations for a conference in the Rogue Isles. You went to deliver the first invitation to Sebastian Frost, the head of the Family. When you got there, you found a lot of Nemesis Army troops on the premises. Frost was there, all right, meeting with one of Nemesis's robotic duplicates. You defeated the double and delivered the invitation to Frost. Unfortunately, Nemesis assumed it was extended to him as well.

The next villain on Viridian's list was Tub Ci, the leader of the Tsoo. You found him surrounded by the Paragon Police in Paragon City, and after you delivered the message the two of you fought side by side against the law.

You next found yourself trying to hand an invitation to Dreck, the leader of the Freakshow. Dreck was interested, but had to fight you to maintain his image. You gave him the fight he was looking for, and left him with the invite.

The invitation after that went to Countess Crey, the head of the Crey Corporation. Due to the legal trouble her company is already in, she wasn't happy to see you bearing an invitation from one of Arachnos' master spies.

The last invitation went to the Center, the enigmatic master of the Council. Unfortunately, he wanted to make you work for it, and sicced his villains against you in a series, daring you to face them down one by one.

The conference itself quickly went downhill. Before Lord Recluse could arrive, Longbow attacked. Nemesis had tipped them off to the conference to help eliminate rivals. The battle was joined, and it was up to you to clear forces of good from the place.

The Conference ended up as a near disaster, but little blame fell on you. Whatever Lord Recluse had wanted to impart to the gathered criminals will just have to wait until Viridian can get someone else to do his dirty work.

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