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A Skull Shaped Mask

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From the Story Arc "The Lords of Death" given by Eagle Eye.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 7-20.

Souvenir's Text

A Skull Shaped Mask

This mask was form fitted to your face and was part of the costume you used to infiltrate the Skulls in your effort to dethrone...

The Lords of Death

It all started when a man named Eagle Eye got in touch with you. As a former Regulator, Eagle Eye was eager to help you put a stop to the Superadine problems the Skulls had been plaguing Kings Row with for the last few months. He told you that while the city council was starting to discuss methods of curbing Superadine use, the Skulls were retaliating by assassinating those councilmen who claimed to be tough on crime.

Eagle Eye suspected the Skulls were going to make an attempt on Councilman Hammett sometime before his big speech the following day, and he wanted you there to deter any would be assassins. When you arrived, however, Hammett's office was a warzone. Police and Family goons lay dead in what must have been an all out assault. You found Hammett's body with a cryptic message written in his own blood, The Lords of Death are Watching.

Hammett's assassination, however, didn't deter his fellow councilors. Councilwoman Simmons denounced the deplorable actions of The Skulls, demanding that the city's police and heroes bring them to justice for their many and heinous crimes. Eagle Eye feared that she would be next on the Skulls' hit list. While you went to protect her, Eagle Eye started talking to some old contacts within the Family to see exactly how they were involved in all this.

When you arrived at Simmons' office, the Family was already all over the place. They were not very welcoming. Simmons had been cornered in a back office by the Family goons, but after rescuing her she asked if you were there to kill her. It turns out the Family was there to protect her and you had just eliminated her considerable security detail.

At that moment, a woman with a grinning skull for a face (you couldn't be sure if it was a mask or not) appeared in the room and thanked you for clearing the way for her. You fought and stopped her assassination of Councilwoman Simmons, driving her off in a cloud of black energy as she taunted you with that same cryptic message, The Lords of Death are Watching.

Simmons revealed that the Family had offered to help her if she supported their initiative to come down hard on the Skulls and Superadine in Kings Row. The plot was definitely thickening.

Reconvening with Eagle Eye, you learned the Family's side of the story. Apparently, Veles, the leader of the Skulls, had kicked the Family to the curb and no longer needed them as his Superadine supplier. Somehow he'd figured out a way of producing the stuff himself and the Family was none-too-happy about it. The violence in Kings Row would only get worse so long as the Veles had a working Superadine Lab, the goal was clear: Find the lab and destroy it.

In order to do that though, Eagle Eye had to send you deep under cover. Fitted with a state of the art disguse, you infiltrated the Skulls dressed as one of them. After a few days, you found your way into one of their larger hideouts, run by a man named Bone Dust. Inside, Skulls recruits could try their hand at rising in the ranks by fighting in a vicious trial by combat called The Rib Cage. The only people who saw Veles were Bone Daddy's and Death Dolls, and the only way to become one of them, was to enter the Cage.

Before you could celebrate your victory, however, the Paragon Police had raided the hideout with a tip from the Family. In the confusion you escaped into the sewers with a handful of Skulls and they told you about a rave Veles was holding that evening. Now was your chance to arrest Veles and hopefully learn from him where the Superadine Lab was located.

You crashed the party in classic hero fashion, but Veles and his sister, Morana, were aware of your arrival and escaped before you could apprehend them. To cover their escape, they ordered their Skulls to shoot anyone trying to leave and forced you to have to save the innocents. But not all was lost. You managed to plant Eagle Eye's tracking beacon on one of the Skulls in the hopes that he would lead the way to Veles and the hidden Superadine Lab.

Your gambit paid off. The tracking beacon indicated that the Skull you had knocked out had regained consciousness and headed over to Royal Refinery. It was too perfect not to be the location. The industrial complex with its machinery and chemical solvents would mask any attempts to locate the lab short of searching structure by structure. You made your way inside, but Veles was more insane than you bargained for. Realizing that his lab was compromised, he chose to turn it into a deadly inferno and face you in a dance to the death.

Though you defeated Veles he was able to escape when he revealed that the Royal Refinery Facility Manager was being held hostage somewhere in the burning structure. Once outside you watched as the Superadine went up in smoke, and the Lords of Death went down in flames.

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