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Battlerock X

Real Name: Colonel John Helix Battlerock (retired)

Archetype: Tanker

Origin: Natural

City of Operations: Paragon City

Current Affiliation: Omega 2

Former Affiliations: US Government, Paragon City Superhuman Oversight Division, Omega Team

Related Information: The Battlerock X Chronicles

Brief History:

Colonel Battlerock served for many years with military intelligence in covert operations known only as "Soldier X". On rare occasions he would have to work alongside many hero organizations including the Freedom Phalanx. One such operation was in 1979 when he aided Statesman, Positron, and the original Luminary in rescuing members of the American Embassy in Tehran that were being held hostage. That operation cemented his friendship with Luminary and with members of Freedom Corps' Longbow Division.

In 1988 he married Brittany Ross, an operative for Longbow. He retired from active military service in 1989 prior to the birth of his daughter Joan.

In 1995, he successfully petitioned the United States Congress to adopt a public resolution recognizing the Battlerock Tribe as a legitimate Indian Tribe that was unjustly driven to near-extinction in the 16th century. The resolution lists the Battlerock family, the descendants of Proud Hawk, as the last surviving members of that tribe. That same year he published a book called "The Tribe That Vanished", which spelled out the tragic history of the Battlerock Tribe. This was followed in 1996 with an even more controversial book called "The Real Legend of the Western Ranger", which showed how the "Western Ranger" of radio, TV, and movies differed from its real-life counterpart.

In 1999, following the destruction of Hero Corps' branch office in Paragon City, John Battlerock was recruited by Lady Grey to be the first superhuman member of the Paragon City Superhuman Oversight Division; an organization dedicated to look into the activities of other registered supergroups and investigate misconduct. (This organization would serve as the precursor to Vanguard.) To that end he became the first publicly-recognized Battlerock Warrior known as "Battlerock X". (The "X" signifying that he is the tenth generation Battlerock Warrior.)

In 2002, during the Rikti Invasion, Battlerock X was part of the Omega Team of heroes that were to go into the Rikti home portal. Battlerock's role was to serve as support for Hero 1 to make sure the rest of the team makes it through and then, if possible, destroy the portal. He was declared either missing or killed in battle.

In 2007, a visibly-damaged street derelict discovered that he was in fact Battlerock X; his memories apparently returning with the return of the Rikti. The extent of his injuries forced him to return to square one in terms of his skills and experience. He had since been operating on his own, trying to piece together the missing parts of his life, including what happened five years since the Omega Team.

Since Issue 10

Since the Rikti World Invasion, Colonel Battlerock began to remember more and more of his prior life. He founded the supergroup Omega 2 in honor of his friends in the Omega Team, including his one-time friend Ajax, who was still in a coma.

He discovered that the red faceplate he has is bonded to his skin, and not only has a tracking device built in, but also is mystically-charged. The effects of this charge induces limited amnesia for both the wearer and those around him, which explains why those who knew him before the Rikti Invasion do not recognize him today, as well as why he was mentally in a fog for five years. The tracking device does not work in a supergroup base or other dimensional areas.

Battlerock X was soon approaced by agents of the Midnight Squad, and led to a meeting with Montague Castanella. Once inducted into the Midnight Squad, Castanella informed Battlerock of the nature of the faceplate. Castanella then served as the mediator for him to recruit other members into Omega 2. A chance encounter with Azuria negated the remaining mystical charge, so now he is quickly identified by those who knew him before. This allowed him to reuinte with his daughter, Joan, who had since been operating in Paragon City as Battlerock Babe, the 11th Generation Battlerock Warrior.

Omega Team Time Capsule

On November 27th 2009, the Omega Team Time Capsule was opened and the letters and personal effects were made availible for all to view, which included Colonel Battlerock's letter to his wife and daughter.

Read Battlerock X's Omega Team Time Capsule letter.


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