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Super Booster V: Mutant

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Super Booster V: Mutant includes the Bioluminescent and Organic Armor costume sets, two new emotes, three costume change emotes, and a power, Secondary Mutation, that grants a self-buff to the player. This purchase enables these features for all characters on the game account.

Costume Pieces

Female with all bioluminescent pieces.

The Mutant theme costume sets unlock all-new faces, chest, sleeves, shoulder, gloves, tails, wings, pants, boots and a new sword customization. These new sets will allow you to create the unearthly or freakish character you've always wanted. Both of these costume sets include tintable costume pieces, a new feature that allows you to create unique glows for individual costume pieces.


Upper Body

Lower Body


Back Options

Mutant Emotes


This pack unlocks two emotes:

Emote Aliases Flying? Sound? Description Issue Release
Growl zzzzz No Yes Crouch on all fours like a beast, swiping arm and making menacing head movements, repeats indefinitely. zzzzz
ShowOff Boast Flying Puts arms out to sides, small hand movements and looking around as if to say "I'm awesome, look how awesome I am". zzzzz

Costume Change Emotes

Also unlocked are three costume change emotes (/cc_emote or /cce), which function like the /costume change slash command, plus effects. These emotes can be tied to a costume slot, or used with keybinds, macros, or directly input in the chat command line.

Emote Aliases Flying? Sound? Description Issue Release
CCDimensionShift zzzzz Flying Yes Make the Teleport arm movement, several transparent 'ghost' copies of the character's body expand out to either side; the copies fold back into the character, and in a flash of light, costume changes. zzzzz
CCEnergyMorph zzzzz Flying Yes Crouch on all fours on floor; blue energy bubble appears around character; explodes out, leaving character in different costume and a crater effect on the floor.
  • Flying: Hang limp in the air
CCRapidBoil zzzzz Flying Yes Lean forward as in pain, green bubbles ooze to the surface, then explode in a huge green spray, leaving character in different costume. zzzzz

Secondary Mutation

Main Article: Secondary Mutation

Tap into the incredible potential locked within your DNA. Secondary Mutation allows your character to mutate itself for amazing, unexpected results. Charge into battle with new abilities. Secondary Mutation is available every 20 minutes and is not affected by recharge buffs. There is a chance this power can backfire and turn you into a Rikti monkey.



You acquire a secondary mutation. This grants a random permanent buff for up to 20 minutes. No more than one Secondary Mutation can be in place at a time.

Secondary Mutation grants a random buff to self. Like Mystic Fortune, it cannot be stacked multiple times; however, it does stack with Mystic Fortune.

Recharge Very Long (20 min)
Power Type Click (Self)
Effects Special

Promotional Images and Concept Art


  • The Mutant Pack was the first implementation into the game of tintable costume pieces, a feature that allows creation unique glows for individual costume pieces..
  • The Mutant Pack was released to the Training Room on June 10, 2010.
  • The Mutant Pack was made available for purchase through on June 24, 2010 for $9.99.
  • The items from the Mutant Pack were integrated into the Paragon Market with Issue 21.

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