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Paragon City music groups

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A number of music groups are referenced in elements of Paragon City lore.

Bands enjoyed by the Hellions

Most of these appear on the wall in the Investigate the Hellions hideout mission given by Azuria to level 1-5 heroes. This map is unique. The names of the bands and the posters are apparently intended to give a glimpse into the musical tastes of Hellions.

The general style of the names suggests affinity with heavy metal or goth subcultures, since the bands feature arcane and hellish imagery, as well as possible Arachnos influences. Possible out-of-game allusions in the names of these bands are to goth-metal band Fields of the Nephilim and to heavy metal vocalist King Diamond.

Band names

  • Abyzzmal
  • Arachnidia
  • Domynion Boyz
  • DragonVomitters
  • Firemullet
  • The Hellmonia
  • Kyller Kyng
  • Nefylum
  • Souldevourer

Event names

  • Arcanamusica Festival of Rock
  • Bloodrivals Brimstone Tour
  • Fire for the Soul Tour


  • Diroma Hall
  • Fieryforge Niteclub

Other musical acts

A number of other musical acts are alluded to by contact, Police Radio or Rogue Island Protector missions.