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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

US Independence Day Sale!

To mark US Independence Day, Paragon Studios have announced a special sale in the Paragon Market. The sale runs from July 3 until 9, and includes a free hat!

The sale sees three Ranged Damage Enhancement Sets at 50%: Salvo, Tempest , and Entropic Chaos. There's 25% off Selected Character Services: Character Rename Token, Character Respec Token, Alignment Change Token, Character Server Transfer Token, Super Tailor Access, Aura Unlock and Back Slot Unlock.

And 75% off Archetypes and selected power sets. These include the Mastermind, Controller, Warshade, Peacebringer, Arachnos Window and Arachnos Soldier archetypes. And the Dual Pistols and Electric Control power sets.

Various Storage Inventory items are also 25% off, including Mission Architect Story Slots, Enhancement Increase, Auction Storage Increase, Vault Inventory Increase, Salvage Inventory Increase and Recipe Inventory Increase.

And 50% off NPC most Costume Powers! be a Malta Gunslinger, Coralax Minion, Knives of Artemis, or Freakshow Boss. of course, what holiday is complete without 50% off the Fireworks Aura and the three Fireworks emotes?

For a limited time, the Tri-Corner Hat is available free, once per game account, as part of Freedom Freebie beta .

For more information see the official announcement and check the Paragon Market in-game.