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Character Respec Token

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ParagonMarket CharacterRespecToken.png
A Character Respec Token is available for purchase from the Paragon Market.

Once purchased, the player is able to respecify ("respec") any one character on their account. This allows Primary and Secondary Powers, Power Pool Powers, Epic Pools and Epic Pool Powers, and Enhancement Slots and Enhancements to be changed.

After purchase, the token shows as "Character Respec" in the e-mail window for Character Items, and may be claimed by any one character on the account. Note that each individual token can only be claimed once, not once per character.

To begin the respecification process, the character must then visit the appropriate contact in-game:

Paragon Market Description

  • Character Respec Token
  • Purchasing a Respec Token will allow you to Respecify your Primary and Secondary Powers, Power Pool Powers and Enhancement Slot assignments. This does not allow you to change a Primary Power Set from Fire to Ice. To use: Claim the Respec Token on your character and visit the appropriate in-game NPC contact. For Heroes: Jack Wolfe(Atlas Park) or James Frost (Fort Trident). For Villains: Arbiter Lupin (Nerva) or Arbiter Sawyer (Port Oakes). F... (remaining text not available, see the Overview above.)


  • Power set selections (both Primary and Secondary) cannot be changed (i.e. from Fire Blast to Ice Blast).


Badge time.png This section contains information that no longer applies to the current version of City of Heroes Freedom. It is provided for historical purposes.
  • Priced at 800pp for one token at the time of its release into the Paragon Market. Please check the Paragon Market in-game for current pricing.

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