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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Freedom Player Feedback: Have Your Say!

All players now have the chance to complete the City of Heroes Player Summit Survey. Ten minutes of your time can help shape the future of the game, with your thoughts on upcoming content and general feedback. The survey serves as a reference for development and marketing planning. For more information, see the official post by Zwillinger.

In this official post, Phil "Synapse" Zeleski outlines future changes to the way Procs work, intended to address community concerns regarding procs per minute versus IO static proc chances. The goals are to create a strong level of parity between IOs and Store Bought Enhancements. It's anticipated these changes will come in with Issue 24.

The post stresses the importance of community feedback on changes like this. If interested in this topic, please take the time to review the post for more information, and provide constructive feedback. The post also notes that the overall impact to gameplay on existing PPM enhancements will be small.

This Week at the Paragon Market

This week sees 50% off three healing and one hold Enhancement Sets: Numina's Convalescence, Touch of the Nictus, Theft of Essence and Unbreakable Constraint. Each set is available as a bundle, or individually, cannot be sold or traded to other players, but can be emailed to other characters on your own game account.

Other sale items include 25% off all Enhancement Unslotters and Enhancement Boosters. For more information and pricing, please see the Paragon Market in game.