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Midnight's Hand

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From the Story Arc "Midnight's Hand" given by Ashley McKnight.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 30-50.

Souvenir's Text

As you look down at the Midnight Squad signet ring, you're reminded of the events you've come to know as...

Midnight's Hand

A woman by the name of Ashley McKnight asked if you wanted to become a member of a secret organization known as the Midnight Squad. You've heard of the group before, some sort of secret cult that dealt with arcane arts and other 'unexplained' events. This seemed up your alley, but the alley she took you down was much darker than you had expected.

You went up against the Circle of Thorns, retrieving four amulets known as The Amulets of Corax. You never learned what their purpose was, but you still feel the chill in your bones when you gazed into them - the sound of your own voice chanting the words:

...By the gods of the mountain...
...By the blood of man...
...By the power I am...
...Show what can not be seen...
...Reveal the Destiny I command...

What made things even stranger was that somehow the Rikti were involved with the Midnighters as well. Ashley believed they were trying to channel or divert magical energies to their own means. This led you back to the Circle of Thorns, who were now battling the Rikti over a mask called The Nymphus Visage. You stole the mask and when you looked through it you saw the cave around you transform into something ancient. The room was filled with heroes who had been turned to stone and a single raven looked down upon you squawking in laughter.

You gave the mask to Ashley and she welcomed you into the Midnighter Club, but now as you look down at the ring, you begin to question to sanity of it all.

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