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Longbow Service Medal

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From the Story Arc "Trust and Betrayal" given by Lt. Demitrovich.
This Souvenir is restricted to villains the level range of 25-29 .

Souvenir's Text

This is a Longbow service medal, given to you by the Longbow turncoat Lieutenant Demitrovich after you helped her steal a weapon prototype from a Longbow research lab. You received it in a tale you like to call:

Trust and Betrayal

It all started when Lt. Demitrovich spoke with you about acquiring some anti-super technology from Longbow through Captain Yushenko, one of the leaders of the Longbow forces in Crimson Cove. In order to earn the trust of Yushenko, Demitrovich suggested you start taking down some enemies of Longbow in Nerva Archipelago. You did so by taking out one of the Lost leaders.

An opportunity presented itself when the Lost took Captain Yushenko hostage in retaliation for your attack upon the Lost leader. You managed to rescue Yushenko from the Lost, earning her trust in some small capacity.

Yushenko had been trying to get a hold of a Nullifier Gun that the Longbow research lab had been developing. Demitrovich gave you the access codes to get into the lab so you could get into the lab and steal the blueprints and components necessary for building the device. After a few scraps with Longbow security, you managed to get in and acquire the items.

Unfortunately, the design for the Nullifier Gun was incomplete. Demitrovich used Longbow intel to find that the required electronic components to get the device working were located in one of Dr. Aeon's labs. After a succesful raid on an Aeon lab, you acquired the necesary electronics, and Demitrovich's men got to work on the device.

Lt Demitrovich's men managed to construct the Nullifier Gun prototype, but it needed to be tested. In order to keep Yushenko on your side, Demitrovich suggested using it on a Longbow target, a Sky Raiders captain named Lt. Krieg. He was last seen near a warehouse in Crimson Cove. Heading to the warehouse, you found that it was overrun with Freakshow newly arrived in the area. Finally, you found Krieg in negotiation with a Freakshow boss named Furious B. You managed to take down Krieg and crew and returned the results to Demitrovich.

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