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Immunization Prescription

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From the Story Arc "Fixing Fixadine" given by Doctor Arvin.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 1-10.

Souvenir's Text

Immunization Prescription

Dr. Arvin wrote up this prescription for you to receive various immunization shots, despite your super abilities and resistance to such things.

It reminds you of an experience you call...

Fixing Fixadine

It began when you met a doctor named John Arvin, who was looking for help in creating a cure for Fixadine. He told you that he was close to finding a cure for Fixadine but that his main test subject, dubbed 'Subject Zero', had escaped from his lab. You took off into the tunnels beneath Nova to search for Subject Zero.

You saved a homeless woman from the Ghouls. In return, the woman told you of a homeless man in the tunnels who could help you with your search. You spoke to the man, who revealed Subject Zero's real name was Louis and that he was Dr. Arvin's nephew. The homeless man informed you that Louis went to catch up with a group of Destroyers topside.

You hurried to the warehouse where the Destroyers were. The place was full of fire and smoke, but Subject Zero was not in the warehouse. You found out that Subject Zero was part of a rampage in South Aetna!

You hurried to South Aetna and stopped the rampage, while also saving Subject Zero from the Destroyers and the PPD. With him in Dr. Arvin's care, it's only a matter of time until a cure is created for the Fixadine...

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