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Carnival Party Hat

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From the Story Arc "Chaos Affair" given by Hardcase.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 30-39.

Souvenir's Text

Souvenir: Carnival Party Hat

It all started when Hardcase asked you to help deal with Wailers stealing souls from people in St. Martial who didn't deserve it. Hardcase isn't the bleeding heart type, but he does believe in protecting his own. You agreed to help out and managed to save a few of the working stiffs of St. Martial from having their souls ripped away.

It seemed as though the soul raid by the Wailers on the streets of St. Martial was just the beginning. Hardcase got the call about demons running amok in the offices in the Golden Giza. This worried Hardcase, as the Giza never had demon problems before. He sent you there and you dealt with a Wailer King known as Silvertongue.

Hardcase wanted to know more about the Wailers plans. He knew the Circle of Thorns were trying to broker many pacts with the Wailers, and so sent you to raid a Circle temple and interrogate its leader to find out more. The Circle leader told you the demons were trying desperately to break the wards around St. Martial which were preventing them to get into Babylon and the Golden Giza, to get at someone inside there. Hardcase speculated the Wailers' goal was to get to Johnny Sonata.

Hardcase got a tip there was a Carnival of Shadows leader named Paradox seen in the casino offices before the Wailer attack occurred there. Tracking her to an abandoned warehouse, you found she was making deals with the Wailer King Silvertongue! She spoke of an upcoming 'Chaos Affair' the Carnival was hosting.

Hardcase didn't like the sound of what was to come, so sent you to get more information from the Circle on the street. You found the 'Chaos Affair' was being led by a Carnival leader know as Lady Deveraux, as well as the time and location of the event. They're planning on destroying one of the warding statues keeping the Wailers out!

You went to try and prevent the warding statue from being broken and the Wailers from overrunning St. Martial.

Note: The Carnival Party Hat souvenir doesn't have the usual intro for souvenirs and the ending is incomplete.

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