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{{wip|date=2012-03-31|note=A lot to do on this page yet, and the various templates it uses}}
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{{AOEnhancementHead|Blaster's Wrath}}
{{AOEnhancementHead|Blaster's Wrath}}
== Effects ==
== Effects ==

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AO Blaster's Wrath.png

This is an enhancement in the Blaster's Wrath set.

SuperPack-HV.png Super Pack 1: Heroes and Villains Purchase
This enhancement is available as a random reward through the purchase of Super Packs on the Paragon Market or via Reward Tokens.
E ICON MeritToken.png Reward Merit Purchase

The Reward Merit cost of this recipe is 400 Merits.

Salvage AstralMerit.png Astral Merit Purchase

The Astral Merit cost of this recipe is 55 Merits.

Salvage EmpyreanMerit.png Empyrean Merit Purchase

This recipe cannot be purchased with Empyrean Merits.


+++ Missing Information +++


Super Pack Drop

This enhancement cannot be bought from stores. It must be obtained by purchasing it from a Reward Merit Vendor, an Alignment Merit Vendor, or an Incarnate Merit Vendor as an Archetype Enhancement, from another player at the Auction House, by trading, or as a random reward from Super Packs.

This enhancement may be sold to a store for ??. However, other players may be willing to pay more for it through the Auction House.