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Black Scorpion's Armor Fragment

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From the Story Arc "Chink in the Armor" given by Black Scorpion.
This Souvenir is restricted to villains in the level range of 40-44.

Souvenir's Text

Souvenir: Black Scorpion's Armor Fragment

This is a piece of Black Scorpion's armor, taken from him after his defeat in a story you like to call

Chink in the Armor

It all started when an outraged Black Scorpion sent you to destroy one of Ghost Widow's bases after she upstaged him in front of Lord Recluse. During the attack on Ghost Widow's base, one of the Fortunatas there mentioned how Ghost Widow knew that Black Scorpion feared her, and she would use this to her advantage. Black Scorpion of course denied any such feelings, and was furious at the implication.

Black Scorpion sent you to speak with Operative Grillo about recent developments into Bane armor technology. Operative Grillo reported the work on the 'anti-phase sequencer' armor upgrade which Black Scorpion requested was going quite slowly. Grillo lamented the lack of a genius like Dr. Aeon behind the project to drive the progress forward.

Black Scorpion took Operative Grillo's comments to heart and sent you to kidnap the genius of AeonCorp - Dr. Aeon himself! You attacked Dr. Aeon's lab, fought past his Arachnos guards and managed to take down Dr. Aeon and deliver him to Black Scorpion.

Dr. Aeon produced some results almost immediately, producing a Ghostslayer Rifle and Ghostslayer Bomb. Black Scorpion wanted to test the weapons before incorporating them into his armor, and so got the Arachnos Mu Mystics to find a place of high supernatural manifestations. He ended up sending you to a Paragon City graveyard to take down a ghostly creature known as The Soul Reaper.

Black Scorpion was pleased with the field test of the anti-ghost technology and planned to incorporate it into his armor. But first he wanted to tie up loose ends by eliminating Dr. Aeon! In order to prevent suspicion from the Arbiters, Black Scorpion told you to speak with Arbiter Daos, telling him how Dr. Aeon came to you and Black Scorpion for a strange experiment which went awry and ended with Dr. Aeon's death. Speaking with Arbiter Daos, you discovered Ghost Widow's operatives had already reported the kidnapping of Dr. Aeon. Arbiter Daos wanted Black Scorpion punished and wanted you to carry out the sentence. First order of business was to rescue Dr. Aeon from Silver Mantis. Doing so, you went after Black Scorpion himself, who was already intent on delivering Ghost Widow to a final demise by planting Dr. Aeon Ghostslayer Bombs in her tower on Mercy Island. You intercepted Black Scorpion before he could plant the bombs and took him down, clearing yourself in the eyes of the Arachnos Arbiters.

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