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Aurora Borealis' Tiara

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From the Story Arc "Psimon Sez" given by Psimon Omega.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 30-34.

Souvenir's Text

This is Aurora Borealis' tiara, taken when you defeated her in a tale you like to call:

Psimon Sez

It all started when Psimon Omega got you to check into the source of a psychic disturbance on Sharkhead Isle. Travelling to the Pit, you found the Freakshow attempting to remove some strange crystals they found while scavenging there. Returning to Psimon, he related that the crystals seemed to sing with psychic energy.

Psimon was intrigued by the crystals, and wanted to know more. He sent you to the local geological survey office to see if there were any other recorded discoveries of the rock. Breaking past office security, you found files mentioning an earlier discovery. The crystals were secured by Longbow and taken to one of their local research bases.

Psimon desperately wanted the research data and sent you to retrieve it. You invaded the Longbow base and interrogated the scientist. You discovered Longbow couldn't make heads or tails out of the crystal's properties and so passed it on to cohorts over at GIFT in Paragon City.

At the GIFT office you forced a researcher to give you all the data on the psi-crystals. The research revealed the psi-crystals allowed someone to steal a person's psychic energies to use for themself.

Psimon had a plan to take out one of his psychic rivals who was helping victims of Rikti experimentation at a local hospital. Psimon's plan involved stealing the components for a Psionic Activator from one of Dr. Aeon's labs. The device awakens psychic powers in psi-latent targets at the cost of their sanity. Fighting your way past Arachnos guards, you managed to acquire the device.

Psimon completed the Psionic Activator and passed it on to you, allowing you to use it to awaken the psychic energies of the Rikti victims, making them into your minions. You then staged your attack on the hospital, fighting past Longbow guards to get to Aurora Borealis herself! Psimon used the psi-crystals to steal her psychic energies for himself, boosting his own power considerably.

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