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Animal Pack

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Badge time.png This article contains information that no longer applies to the current version of City of Heroes Freedom. It is provided for historical purposes.
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The Animal Pack has more than 60 new costume parts and patterns and also includes new emotes, new auras, four costume change emotes, and the Beast Run travel power.

As of City of Heroes Freedom/Issue 21, this item pack is no longer available. The costume pieces, emotes, costume change emotes, auras, and movement power are now only available through the Paragon Market.


With the City of Heroes Animal Pack, you can craft a character with the grace of a giant cat, the power of a savage wolf or the fury of a falcon and a look to match! Prowl the streets of Paragon City as a ferocious cheetah, stalk your way through the Rogue Isles as a bestial wolf, soar the skies of Praetoria as an eagle or lumber your way around as a monstrous minotaur. With new customizable heads, details, patterns, legs, and tails, you can go wild with possibilities! Select from new Feline, Avian, Minotaur and Wolf costume pieces, pounce with controlled grace using the new Beast Run inherent travel power, and use new character emotes and costume change emotes to unleash your inner animal instinct.

Costume Pieces

The Animal Pack unlocks new heads, body patterns, tails and boots for monstrous legs. Some of the costumes even come with customizable manes and teeth. With these new sets, you can create a ferocious wild beast character or a noble guardian of nature.


Upper Body

Lower Body

Additionally, the Animal Fur pattern is available on some non-monstrous boot options, but not on the bare/flat style, so females with Animal Fur boots still have high heels.



Regular Emotes

The following emotes are all unlocked by the Animal Pack:

Emote Aliases Flying? Sound? Description Issue Release
Hiss zzzzz Flying Yes crouch, double handed kitty-claw swipes, return to idle, hissing sound zzzzz
Savage zzzzz No Yes monkey movements including: crouched jumping, scratching head and side, final pose is crouch with arms hanging limp in front; monkey grunt noises zzzzz
Sniff zzzzz Flying Yes crouch down with head up sniffing the air with sniffing noise zzzzz

Costume Change Emotes

The following costume change emotes are all unlocked by the Animal Pack:

Emote Aliases Flying? Sound? Description Issue Release
CCFeatherBurst zzzzz Flying Yes Scrunch down and shake, flash of light, and burst of feathers. zzzzz
CCFeatherSpin zzzzz Flying Yes Whirlwind spin, flash of light, and burst of feathers. zzzzz
CCFurBurst zzzzz Flying Yes Scrunch down and shake, grey cloud, and burst of fur. zzzzz
CCFurSpin zzzzz Flying Yes Whirlwind spin, grey cloud, and burst of fur. zzzzz

Beast Run Travel Power

Inherent BeastRun.png Beast Run

Show off your bestial nature by using this power. This power is not as fast as Super Speed, nor will it allow you to jump as well as Super Leap, however it is considerably better than the Fitness powers Swift and Hurdle.


  • This power cannot be used with (and will detoggle) Pool Travel Powers such as Super Speed, Super Jump, or Combat Jumping. However, it can be combined with Sprint (and Sprint variants like Prestige Power Slide), the Jump Pack, passive Movement Powers such as Swift and Hurdle, and any variation on Flight powers such as Fly, Hover, or the Raptor Pack.
  • While toggled on, Beast Run replaces your normal at-ease posture with a heavy breathing crouch, but does not interfere with emotes.
  • To distinguish it visually from other running powers, the forward and backward running animations are on 'all fours' running style, typical of a four-legged animal gait. Additionally, when running backward, the character actually turns to face the camera.
Type Inherent
Toggle: Self +Run Speed, +Jump
Restrictions Available at Level 4
Can not be used in conjunction with Travel Powers
Recharge Instant
Effects 445 + ( 5 * Level ) % jump height on self
109.45 + (0.55 * Level) % jump speed on self
99.184 + (0.816 * Level) % run speed on self
Endurance 0.46/sec
Enhancements takes none

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  • The Animal Pack was released to the Training Room on Feb. 9, 2011.
  • The Animal Pack was made available for purchase through on Febuary 23, 2011 for $9.99.
  • The items from the Animal Pack were integrated into the Paragon Market with Issue 21.

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