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An old drawing of you

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From the Story Arc "Echo Down the Aeons" given by Marshal Brass.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 15-19.

Souvenir's Text

An Old Drawing of You

Ths faded and folded drawing is clearly supposed to be of you. You found it on the body of Professor Echo when you finally caught him at the end of the escapade you called:

Echo Down the Aeons

It all started after the Aeon conspiracy. Marshal Brass had some more work for you. Wyvern had been stealing high-tech gear from Dr. Aeon's labs. You took a commision to stop them, and discovered that the culprit was none other than Professor Echo, who had taken a time deflector, and old piece of Dr. Aeon's technology meant to alter the destination point of a time traveller. Aeon had discarded it as useless, but Professor Echo obviously thought differently.

In the wake of the strange theft, Wyvern agents were spotted in two different bases. Brass paid well to clean them out, but the first one you came to was filled with Shivans cloned by Professor Echo! You cleaned the place out, and found a note that had been dropped in the slime. From the note it seemed like Professor Echo was interested in the other base.

You hit the other base, fought through Wyvern Mercenaries, and found yourself confronted with an amazing sight: Professor Echo talking to an older Dr. Aeon. And they were talking about you. Professor Echo was trying to deliver a warning about you, and the older Dr. Aeon was shocked to see you alive. Dr. Aeon fled, but Professor Echo fought to the end.

Marshal Brass seemed confused by the whole situation, and figured he'd need time to think. He paid you, but had no further jobs. The only question left it, what did it all mean?

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