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Alone in the Darque

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From the Story Arc "Alone in the Darque" given by Efficiency Expert Pither.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 45-50.

Souvenir's Text

You have been working for Arachnos Efficiency Expert Pither when he asked you to perform the simple task of getting some overdue reports from the governess of Aeon City, Olivia Darque. She was not in her office, and instead there were a mish-mash of robots singing the praises of Dr. Aeon. After finding the reports (since Pither would have it no other way), and learning from Darque's assistant that the robots came with Dr. Aeon, who kidnapped Darque and left the robots as a 'gift', you returned to Mr. Pither.

Mr. Pither asked Dr. Aeon what he did with Olivia Darque, and Dr. Aeon lied and said he knew nothing about it. Mr. Pither then asked you to go beat the truth out of Dr. Aeon, and find what he did with the governess. You went into Dr. Aeon's lab and roughed up the good doctor. Looting through his personal effects, you found his To Do list, and checked off was 'Throw Olivia Darque into the Shadow Shard' revealing exactly what Dr. Aeon had done with her.

You then ventured into the Shadow Shard, fighting off the forces of Rularru and eventually located Olivia Darque. You dragged her back to the portal, where she was thankful for the rescue. Mr. Pither admitted he didn't have much faith in you, but pulling this job off has impressed him.

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