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A piece of the Cosmotron

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From the Story Arc "Winslowe and the Cosmotron" given by Shadowstar or Sunstorm.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 20-24.

Souvenir's Text

A piece of the Cosmotron

This strange piece of polished metal is all that remains of a device that caused a great deal of conflict. It reminds you of the case of a man who meant to help the world, and a machine he made which unknowingly threatened every Kheldian and Nictus on Earth in a case you call

Winslowe and the Cosmotron

When the Sky Raiders attacked the Paradyne Labs on the eve of a major new announcement, it drew your attention. There had long been rumors that the Council was secretly funding the research of Dr. Winslowe, and now Winslowe and his new invention were the targets of the Sky Raider attack. Though the Sky Raiders did escape with Dr. Winslowe and his device, you stopped them from blowing up the building to cover their tracks. You were also warned that a Peacebringer had recently disappeared, so you needed to be careful.

You pursued the Sky Raiders to a cargo ship where they'd hidden themselves after the raid. You were able to rescue Dr. Winslowe, who told you about the amazing device he'd built, the Cosmotron: A machine capable of tapping the inherent energy of the cosmos to provide limitless clean power. He knew nothing about secret Council funding, and was horrified at the idea of his invention's power in their hands. The Sky Raiders still had the Cosmotron, but you were getting close. There was also a report of a Warshade who'd gone missing, but Winslowe and the Cosmotron seemed a higher priority.

The Sky Raiders attempted to sell the Cosmotron to the highest bidder, drawing gangs and villains from all over the city. You crashed the auction, but in the confusion Council agents made off with the device. When you got back, you found out that another Council team had kidnapped the Professor as well!

You went to Striga Island and broke Dr. Winslowe free from the Council. He told you the awful truth he'd learned: His device wasn't tapping a cosmic power source, but was actually draining energy from Kheldians and Nictus! Some had even been drawn into the device and consumed! You also learned that different Council factions were fighting over Winslowe and the Cosmotron. Arakhn and Requiem were both fighting over it, but there seemed to be evidence of a third faction, as well.

A lucky break revealed where the Council was keeping the Cosmotron, but only because the Sky Raiders were going to try and steal it back! You fought through the chaos, and found that a mysterious faction within the Council had already disassembled the device for study. What's more, they were planning on building a massive version of it to destroy all Kheldians on Earth, including the Nictus.

A quick plan was put together. SERAPH still had working codes to the Council computer network, and the information about the Cosmotron had been confined to the anti-Kheldian conspirators within the Council. By using a computer worm, that information could be wiped out. Dr. Winslowe, overcome by grief at what he'd made, tried to do it himself, but was captured. You rescued the Doctor, and ran the program from inside a Council base. Archon Swann, the madman in charge of the Cosmotron affair, warned you that there were more like him who wanted to see all the Kheldians and Nictus on Earth purged, and that they still had further plans.

The investigations may take some time, and you were encouraged to continue to improve your powers in the mean time. The next phase of the investigation should be ready when you're around Security Level 25.

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