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A Shattered Shadow Seed

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From the Story Arc "The Final Darkness" given by Shadowstar or Sunstorm.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 45-50.

Souvenir's Text

A Shattered Shadow Seed

These pieces of a Shadow Seed crystal bring back memories of a desperate final battle against the Nictus that you remember as:

The Final Darkness

It all began when Journalist Lillian Issan, Shadowstar's daughter and the next in line to assume the role, took it on herself to find where Requiem and Arakhn had gone into hiding after their failed attempt to take over the Council. Unfortunately, she drew their attention, and now needed an emergency rescue. You went to save her, but found that she had already been abducted from the Nictus troops by the Center's Ascendant personal guard. You also found some angry correspondence between Requiem and Arakhn. In the wake of their failure, signs of real stress were showing in their relationship.

You were able to rescue Lillian from the Center, but what she'd discovered was shocking. Arakhn and Requiem had smuggled Shadow Seeds into Paragon City. If they could plant the seeds and protect them long enough for them to grow into full Shadow Cysts, they could bring their brethren down from the Cosmos and flood Paragon City with Nictus. You also found an intercepted message from Arakhn to Requiem filled with pointed words.

You investigated the cargo ship the Nictus had supposedly smuggled the Shadow Seeds into the city aboard. There, you found Galaxy troops and Warwolves waiting for you, and something far worse: a Shadow Cyst crystal, already growing! You destroyed the crystal, but knew that there were more.

You rushed to search for the Shadow Seeds, and found two more of them already growing in a Council base that was still under Nictus control. You destroyed two shadow seeds before they could grow into a full Cyst, and found the location where the next crystals were. You also found out that those Crystals would be guarded by Requiem himself.

Celebrations are sprang up all over the world when the news of your capture of Requiem hit the press. Though the recognition was nice, the more important aspect of your victory was the destruction of the four Shadow Seeds requiem was guarding, and the angry letter he was in the process of writing to Arakhn that also told you where you could find her, and the last of the Shadow Seeds.

You faced Arakhn in a nearly complete Shadow Cyst, and prevailed. Both she and Requiem are in custody, awaiting a trial that could turn the whole city into a media circus. Though the remaining Nictus are returning to the Council, it will be years before the Council can present a threat like it once did. Some Kheldians are staying on Earth to continue the battle here; others are planning to leave Earth to continue the battle with the Nictus on other worlds. All of them will carry the tale of your courage with them, an example of heroism to last to the end of time.

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