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Your name and picture in the paper

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From the Story Arc "The Superadine Ring" given by Shauna Stockwell.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 7-20.

Souvenir's Text

Your name and picture in the paper

You saved this newspaper article written by Shauna Stockwell about the amazing work you did in cracking down on the Skulls, arresting Chernobog Petrovic, and breaking...

The Superadine Ring

It all started when you met Shauna Stockwell. She was doing investigative reporting about the recent rise in Superadine drug use in Kings Row for her blog Raw from the Row. She directed you to a doctor at Crowne Memorial hospital by the name of Genevieve Sanders who informed you that the Skulls were operating a secret Superadine Den in Kings Row. You hit the streets and learned the location of the den and the name of the man who ran it; Toothbreaker Jones. After busting up the den and arresting Jones, you learned that his den was just one of many others. In addition, Jones had been talking to someone about a shipment coming in. Kings Row's Superadine troubles seemed to only be beginning.

Shauna thought that the shipment sounded familiar and wanted to talk to one of her sources in private, in the meantime you went to work with Genevieve in tracking down another drug den location from the patients recovering at Crowne Memorial. When you arrived at the den down in Industrial Avenue, however, it was empty. The whole place turned out to be an ambush. Somehow the Skulls knew you were coming and tried to take you out but they were no match for you. You questioned Genevieve about how the Skulls knew you were coming and she suspected that someone at the hospital was working for the Skulls. She resolved to be more careful who she talked to about what in order to keep other heroes safe from Skulls ambushes.

Shauna had some bad news about her source, Emily Rodriguez. She'd gone missing. Emily's family believed the Skulls kidnapped her, and Shauna seemed convinced that was the case. She sent you to talk to a beat cop in The Gish by the name of Vic Johansson for help in locating Emily before the Skulls did something drastic. Vic agreed to help you patrol for a Skulls indoctrination ceremony that he believed Emily would likely be taken to. Together you discovered the ceremony in the abandoned Kings Garment Works. Vic called for backup while you went in to save Emily before it was too late for her. You arrived just in time to stop the Skulls' leader, Misery, from beginning the mass sacrifice for the ritual. In addition to rescuing Emily Rodriguez you also rescued a freelance photographer by the name of Juan Jimenez and over a dozen construction employees from Anderson Construction. Together they testified that you had just missed one of the Lords of Death, a leader of the Skulls by the name of Chernobog, and that the shipment had arrived in Kings Row.

Together, you and Shauna pieced together the puzzle. The Anderson Construction employees weren't just random victims, the Skulls had kidnapped them purposefully. You resolved to investigate Anderson Construction on the hunch that the shipment must be going down there. Your hunch proved correct.

You arrived as Chernobog and the Skulls were moving the shipment of Superadine drums. Chernobog proved strong, but you were stronger. At his defeat the rest of the Skulls ran, leaving the Superadine behind to be confiscated as evidence in Chernobog's impending court date.

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