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Found in the Take the cloak to Azuria mission from Lorenzo DiCosta, Wes Schnabel and Willy Starbuck. This Ally, when rescued uses Dark Miasma and Gravity Control powers. She usually spawns as a Lieutenant of mission holder's level.


This MAGI mystic has been kidnapped by the Hellions. It will be most interesting to learn what they wanted from her.

Possible Names

  • Atsegine
  • Yanamahri


DarkMiasma DarkestNight.png Darkest Night Toggle: Ranged Targeted area of effect, Foe -damage, Foe -accuracy
While active, you channel Negative Energy onto a targeted foe. Darkest Night decreases the damage potential and Accuracy of the target, and all foes nearby, as long as you keep the power active.

DarkMiasma FearsomeAura.png Fearsome Stare Ranged (Cone), Foe Fear, -accuracy
Instills tremendous Fear within a cone area in front of you, causing all affected targets to tremble in terror uncontrollably.

DarkMiasma TwilightGrasp.png Twilight Grasp Ranged, Foe -Accuacy -Damage, Team Heal
You channel Negative Energy from the Netherworld through yourself to a targeted foe. Twilight Grasp drains the power from that target and slowly transfers it to you and all nearby allies. The targeted foe's Accuracy and damage are reduced, while you and your nearby allies are healed.

GravityControl GravityDistortion.png Gravity Distortion Ranged, Moderate Damage over time (Smash), Foe Hold
Causes a single foe to be trapped in a misshapen gravity field, rendering him unable to take action. Gravity Distortion deals Smashing damage to the target.

GravityControl Propel.png Propel Ranged, Moderate Damage (Smash), Foe Knockback
You can open a gravitational rift and retrieve a heavy object, then Propel it at your foes for smashing damage.