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Withered Piece of Mot

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From the Story Arc "The Choice of Hope" given by Dream Doctor.
This Souvenir is restricted to level 50.

Souvenir's Text

Withered Piece of Mot

You recovered a withered piece of Mot after having entered the inner stomach of the god of death. This was the conclusion of your journey in Dark Astoria, something that will be remembered by the entire world as...

The Choice of Hope

Your efforts had bought enough time to figure out how to combat Mot. If you had never destroyed the Knives of Vengeance and stopped Diabolique, Mot's power would've already enveloped the world at the point when you and Dream Doctor took the fight to Mot. You fought against Tub Ci and the Tsoo to recover the last items needed to summon Tielekku, who would be used to seal Mot back into the spirit world. You also recovered the god-killer sword, an item that could take the very power of a god. Tub Ci agreed to help Dream Doctor, now that he was freed from his Mot-induced haze.

You then attacked the heart of the Talons of Vengeance within Dark Astoria, intent on stopping their mass slaughter of people in the world. Even though Diabolique was gone, their presence lingered, intent on spreading their perverse version of justice. You, Protean, Scirocco, and Dream Doctor attacked and destroyed the heart of the Talons.

It was now time to enact the plan to save Dark Astoria. Dream Doctor performed the ritual that would use David Hazen's runes to summon Tielekku. However, despite all the work up to this point, Mot was able to completely devour Tielekku, along with Ajax and Tub Ci. Protean fled, while you, Dream Doctor, and Scirocco worked together to escape from the area. Things looked grim, but there was still hope. Tielekku had mentioned she sensed something odd within the Sentinel of Mot; Dream Doctor also had an ace up his sleeve in the form of Heather Townshend, who had been collecting information about David Hazen.

You met with Townshend to gather what she knew and then went to the Vanguard compound in the Rikti War Zone. Mot's power had spread all the way over to there as it attempted to destroy the organization. You saved the group and formed a plan with Lady Grey. The Vanguard Wizards would work together to bind the Sentinel of Mot long enough for you to find out something about the beast.

You discovered the Sentinel of Mot was none other than Marcus Valerius, transformed by Mot and the hatred that was within him. You were able to help Marcus remember what actually happened in Cimerora and gained a way inside of Mot. However, there was still the issue of how to stop Mot. This came in the form of David Hazen, who revealed in his journals that the runes they put in Dark Astoria were meant to bind Mot to the town. They would also cut off his ability to absorb the suffering of others, thus stopping the god of death; however, it would require the power of Tielekku to do so.

Armed with this knowledge, you set off to go against Mot once and for all. Dream Doctor called out for all able-bodied people in the world to show up and help in the fight; Mot's power was growing by leaps and bounds, and soon the entire world would be devoured by its hatred. Hundreds of people showed up, all there to buy you time and distract Mot long enough for you to get inside of the beast.

Mot taunted you inside of it, saying that it could absorb you now that you entered so deeply in the beast. You were then absorbed by Mot, where you were sent to its deepest reaches. You were in a room filled with what appeared to be the souls of those Mot had captured. You spoke with Tielekku and convinced her that there was still hope and that you could break free. With her help, you did what no one else imagined; you broke free from Mot's absorption, returning to his stomach to free all the souls you had seen. Mot was weakened dramatically, and with Tielekku freed, she performed the last action, which was to use the runes set up by David Hazen to seal away Mot's power, once and for all.

With this action, the entire world was saved, all of it triggered by the choice to hope in the face of certain destruction, hope that something unexpected would happen to save the world; hope in someone like you.

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