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Warehouse Inventory Manifest

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From the Story Arc "If At First You Don't Succeed" given by Fortunata Hamilton.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 20-24.

Souvenir's Text

Looking back at the faked inventory manifest, you remember a series of events you call:

If At First You Don't Succeed

It began when you were trying to determine whether your plan to insert your name onto the Destined One list had actually forced fate to make you an actual Destined One. You had Fortunata Hamilton try to use the Eye of Chronos, which you previously stole, to divine the members of the list, to see if you were now magically on it for real. Unfortunately, she wasn't powerful enough and you and her hatched a plan to get Kalinda to re-divine the original list. This involved you going back and putting the Eye of Chronos back into the hands of Arachnos and faking the manifest of the warehouse you planted it in. After that, you went and infiltrated an Arachnos base and deleted the master Destined One list. Finally you went back to Alan Desslock and got a new virus that would seek out and delete any copies of the list that existed electronically. With this accomplished Kalinda would be forced to re-divine the Destined One list.

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