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Vigor Core Boost

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File:Incarnate Alpha Vigor Uncommon.png


Vigor Core Boost is one of the Alpha Slot Abilities that can be used with the Alpha Slot, part of the Incarnate System. This ability is Uncommon.


For all powers: Increases Healing and Accuracy by 33%

One third of these bonuses ignore the effects of enhancement diminishing returns.

How to Get

Vigor Core Boost is created with one of the following sets of Incarnate Components:

Incarnate Alpha Vigor Common.png Vigor Boost
Salvage Lens.png 1 Ancient Nictus Fragment
Salvage Etherium.png 1 Penumbra of Rularuu
Salvage StrandofFate.png 1 Drop of the Well


Incarnate Alpha Vigor Common.png Vigor Boost
Salvage arcane cantrip.png 2 Arcane Cantrips
Salvage gluon compound.png 1 Gluon Compound

Used In

Rare Incarnate Abilities

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