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View of Planet Earth

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From the Signature Story Arc "To Something Greater" given by Infernia.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 40-50.

Souvenir's Text

A View of Planet Earth

In between your adventures, you sometimes remember the view you had of planet earth while on Darrin Wade's floating island. The planet as a whole looked beautiful and also small, in a way. The planet was in the background as you fought for its survival against a Darrin Wade in the last moments of an adventure you call...

To Something Greater

Where did this whole journey really begin? Was it with the first move by Darrin Wade to give the Lost an obelisk that would steal Synapse's powers? Or were these events that were set in motions thousands of years ago, back during the time of Cimerora? Wherever it started, you were the one who was destined to end it. Darrin Wade had gained the power of Statesman and Sister Psyche. He sought to summon Rularuu into this world and become one with the monster. You ended up working together with Arachnos to track Wade down. You travelled the globe and dimensions, going to the Shadow Shard to speak with Faathim the Kind, to the pacific ocean for your first encounter against Wade's floating island, and then Warburg, to retake it from Malta in order to destroy the shield around Wade's island.

You faced off against the transformed Darrin Wade in space, the fate of the world hanging in the balance. You defeated Wade, his mind being sent back to the husk that now is his body. You think back to how the world nearly came to the brink of destruction and the information that you gathered all this time, along with the help of Lady Grey...

It all began with Alastor, who had created a group of obelisks thousands of years ago to take power away from the gods and put it into the hands of the people. Sister Airlia played her part in Cimerora, where she wished to gain control over the country by having Imperious and Romulus destroyed. Centuries passed, leading to the present day. Darrin Wade, born a normal but extremely intelligent man, saw that no matter what he did, he could never be greater than the simplest of heroes. His life would always be dependent on those whom he believed were less than him. Jean-Pierre Lourdin, known as Malaise, was a twisted man who Sister Psyche was trying to heal. He desired to be free from Psyche, to have control over himself.

All of these people wanted to gain power and control to gain their own freedom. They were willing to do whatever it takes to do this, even if it meant killing whoever they needed to satisfy their dreams. Yet, in the end, all of them failed. Alastor's obelisks were either destroyed or never used by him, Sister Airlia, it can be presumed, never came to power, as the story of Cimerora was lost to the ages. Malaise was destroyed in Sister Psyche's mind, his actions bound to his desire for vengeance. Darrin Wade's mind is nearly mush now, trapped inside of his body. His freedom to move, to act, is gone, save for the most basic of actions.

The world is safe, but perhaps you wonder, what is the true idea of freedom that all these people wanted? Freedom must mean more than having the power to do whatever you wish. You think back to Statesman, who, in his final moments, was smiling. Could it be that in that moment, Darrin Wade, who had all the power, all the control, was the one who was a slave to his circumstances, while Statesman, in his final moments, was finally free from it all?

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