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Venom Injector

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From the Story Arc "Project Fury" given by Dr. Forrester.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 40-44.

Souvenir's Text

This is a venom injector found in a Grandville Arachnos lab. You grabbed from there as a souvenir of a tale you like to call:

Project Fury

It all started when Dr. Forrester wanted to start studying the Arachnoids down in the Gutter. He sent you down to gather Arachnoid parts from the creatures. From initial research, Dr. Forrester discovered most of the creatures have had their vocal cords removed surgically!

Forrester started doing further research into the composition of the Arachnoid DNA, but needed a stronger source. He sent you into one of the Arachnoid tunnels to get a DNA sample from one of the Arachnoid leaders known as Widdershins.

Forrester wanted to know more! From his leads he was able to discern one of the main labs where something called Project Fury was going on. Hacking into the computers there, you managed to find information on the project. Apparently, the intent was to create a new breed of soldier made in the image of Lord Recluse by injecting them with a venom produced by Lord Recluse himself. It was meant to simulate the abilities granted by the Well of Furies, but unfortunately had met with dismal failure thus far. Dr. Forrester ended up ceasing investigations once he discovered this was one of Lord Recluse's pet projects!

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