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Vanguard Psionic Shield

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Craftable only in the Rikti War Zone at the Vanguard base, this temporary power at first resembles those from the invention system, but while it has the recipe graphic, it is not a recipe and purchasing it at the Vanguard Crafting Tables grants you the power itself. Characters of any level can craft this power, but only those level 35 and up can earn the Vanguard Merits required to make the item.


You gain moderate Defense against Psionic attacks and are slightly resistant to Psionic damage while this power is active. It lasts for up to 30 minutes of usage time

How to Get

This temporary power can be purchased at a Vanguard Crafting Table in the Vanguard Base area of the Rikti War Zone.

Power Summary

Duration 30 minutes of usage
Effects Self +Minor Psionic Resistance

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