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Vagabond's Bullet Casing

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From the Story Arc "The Price Good Men Must Pay" given by Vagabond.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 8-15.

Souvenir's Text

Vagabond's Bullet Casing

Vagabond gave you this old bullet casing. He has no use for it now, but he figured it would be a good memento for you to have of the time you served. You call that time...

The Price Good Men Must Pay

It all began with an assault on the BAF to free soldiers of the Resistance. You discovered that Neuron infected them with some sort of disease. It would have been a new method of biological attack; the intent was that the soldiers would infect members of the Resistance with the disease and slowly whittle down their numbers.

Vagabond was upset at this, but only because he didn't know how to use this to the advantage of the Resistance. You went to find a man named Matherson who was supposed to know where you could find more details on the disease. Matherson refused to talk, so you were forced to kidnap his family to make him talk. Along with Wardog, you proved to Matherson that his brother and sister were in danger. Matherson easily told you everything you needed to know, but was then shot by Wardog.

You, Hatchet, and Vagabond assaulted the lab that Matherson told you about, discovering the notes from Neuron on the disease. You weren't quite sure what it all meant, but Wardog seemed to insist that it would help in his grand project.

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