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Alert Colors


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As examples of possible templates of use on the new and expanded Recipe/Enhancement, etc. articles. My rationale here was that if there are Flags in use for Emps, Astrals and other methods of currency, why not for Inf. and the Market in general?

This first one is simply as a "You can buy this at an AH Flag"

Badge auction seller 12.png Auction House: This item is able to be purchased from the auction house.

This one would be for use on pages like the SOs and DOs that can be purchased from some stores in-game as well.

Store.png Stores: This item is able to be purchased from stores.


This exists for testing of the {{Quotebox}} template.

Joe "Hero 1" Morrissey (From the Official Website, circa May 20, 2008)
I've been a writer/designer for about 10 years now, starting at Blizzard North working on Diablo II, the expansion and anything else us "Northies" thought was a good idea at the time. From there I went over to Backbone and learned how to roll up my sleeves and get down and dirty in design. I worked on a number of handheld games the highlight of those being Death Jr. 2. About a year ago, my wife and I found out we were going to have our first kid and that meant a couple lifestyle changes needed to occur. The main one being a job much closer to home. I applied at Cryptic Studios and apparently I "interviewed well," a fact Positron is quick to point out anytime that I make his life difficult.


Testing the ability to bypass default contact usage as filename.

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Josh Young


Greetings. There is much work to be done.