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'The Sinister Heat Blade'
The Heat Blade medium.JPG

Heat Blade on a rage
Real Identity: James Lazos
Gender: Male
Age: Around 23
Date of Birth: April Fool's Day
Super/Villain Group: Villainous Resistance Party
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Brute
Alliances: Formerly Longbow, now none
Primary Power Set : Fiery Melee
Secondary Power Set : Fiery Aura
Epic Power Set: -

Heat Blade is a super villain from Greece curently living in Rogue Isles. He and Black N.A.S. are the general secretaries of Villainous Resistance Party.

Heat Blade Bio

Early life

James Lazos was born in Athens, Greece, in a mutant family. His father, John Lazos, also known as Tempero, had the ability to manipulate entropy in order to create thermal or frost effects. James was unaware of his father's capabilities, until he himself manifested similar powers.

Nas’s “Middle age”

Be aware that what you will read now is erased from Nas’s memory. It’s the unclassified history of N.A.S Project.

Everything start’s at 1973, when a 25-year-old scientist (a “science’s son” as they called him due to his age and success) named |Alex Black, died in a car accident on his way home. Well...that’s what everyone was made to believe. Truth is that Alex was taken from the Greek government to supervise a newly founded secret sector named “Natural Ability Super-sizing”. As the name says this department was going to discover ways to super size the natural abilities of any organism and of As a self defense to this “lack of social life” Alex became obsessed with his work and even made himself to believe that he could actually “infect” people with new abilities and not just super size the existing ones. At the same time reports said of a just-born white skinned little girl with black skinned parents in South Africa. The girl was worshiped as a god, not even for the unknown-origin white skin but also for a mysterious blue aura around her body. Alex Black was convinced that this was the key to the “little evolution push” as he liked to call his dream-goal. He let this tribe to rise the girl until the age of 8 witch he believe was the time the girl will be able to start manipulating the power. After many experiments on the “subject Eve”, as he called her, he found that the way the girl lived with those people was making his work difficult.

Dr. Black wasn’t afraid of getting old. Don’t forget his research was about expanding human abilities, why not even expanding human span of life? So he started a new project that could last many years. He made a clone of the girl, only that time he altered the DNA to have a male subject, and he made the girl carry that baby boy cause this was the perfect organism for him to grow. After the birth of the boy he let it live in a secure woodland under 24/7 eye. Even left some animals to live there. He didn’t want the boy to grow as a human. He new that if the subject had only the instinct of self preservation like animals he would be more powerful. At the age of 8 “Black NAS” , as was his code name, was taken to the a facility and started his training. From speech, to crafting, mathematics, chemistry, physics and of course energy manipulation. As they had the technology to erase his mind they let him know who he was so to make him angry and ready for revenge, meaning…more powerful. They weren’t afraid if he turned on them cause they could kill him any time and Nas new that.

Until that time Dr. Alex Black was working secretly on a new technology. Even the Greek government didn’t new that. Only some undercover Longbow and especially a really gifted one named James Lazos. But they couldn’t harm him cause there were no evidence and Alex Black was supposed to be dead years now.

He named this new technology D.A.E. (DNA Ability Enhancement). He managed to make some nano bots that could carry new mutated DNA to enhance the natural DNA. He also managed to make some bugs able to not even live in toxic environment but also be able to excrete these toxic/radioactive substances. He wanted to do the same thing to Black NAS cause he knew that his power will help him handle it, but “they” wouldn’t let him.

One day the government decided to close once and for all N.A.S department. And of course make sure that no one will ever know about this. They decided to erase the memory of everyone that participated, including those of Dr. Black and subjects Eve and Black-NAS. But Alex was ready for that moment. These people that took away his former life, were able to take that one too. He wanted to protect Nas and himself. He was able to inject those nano bots with the toxic/radioactive DNA to Nas, along with the primal brain functions that would help him to use the new power at some level. Then Dr. Black left to live in Tibet for some years. Subject Eve was send back to the tribe to be worshipped again. But for Nas things were different. He was powerful and eager for revenge. If for any reason his mind recovered they were doomed. They decided not to kill him but to lead him to death. He was put in a boat in the middle of Atlantic, but a huge tide wave lead the boat to Rogue Isles and almost-dead-Nas crashed in a beach at Mercy Island. With no memory….only these words tattooed on his chest: “Black-N.A.S”….witch became his identity. Ironically this was his only real identity.

These are things that happened but Nas might never remember them again. The truth is that his memory got deleted, but not his feelings…he still needs to take revenge…but he doesn’t know from whom and for what. The only thing that is for sure is that energy will always bend in his will and everyone that stands in his way will probably be filled with toxic “demons”.


A huge tide wave brought Nas’s body from the middle of the Atlantic to a small beach at Cap Au Diable. Fate made Heat Blade to be there and to see the body of Black NAS. Heat Blade was a former longbow. His real name?.....James Lazos. Ironically James knew Nas’s creator but he felt it better not to tell him. Black NAS was taken to the base of Heat Blade’s group: : “The Villainous Resistance Party”.

When Nas woke up, James explained to him where he was and how he found him. He told him that he was free to go if he wanted, but h was also free to call V.R.P. “a home”. Nas remembers of his childhood at the woods. He Can mysteriously control a power that he never remembered to have….hatred was taking the place of his heart. Things are different now…..with James at his side as a mentor and V.R.P members as his new and probably his first family he begins his research around Rogue Isles….