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This user is known for creating quite alot of characters. Many of them will never see the light of day in-game. This is just a "sandbox" collection of some of these.

Hypa Powa

A female mutant Fire/Kinetics Controller with Super Jump.
This character was created in my imagination as a quintessential Fire/Kin power player. Even though she doesn't farm or power-level, she takes delight in dealing an abnormal amount of damage in such a short amount of time. She is also quite perky.

Temporary PVP BuffDefense.png Torrent of Flames PBAoE, Moderate DoT(Fire), Foe Immobilize, -DEF(Fire)
Hypa Powa can bring up a flare of flames that will root any enemies within the area of effect. The flames are damaging enough that the enemies will suffer a defense debuff to fire attacks. Recharge: Long (40 seconds)