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Fruit Salad

  1. A term used to describe a Defender, a Defender build, or the abilities of a Defender. If following true furu-tsusarada-do (The Way of Fruit Salad) a Defender should be good humored, witty, and devestatingly effective. Healing powers are neither forbidden nor required.


Level 50 Fruit Salad LFT. (1)
It takes fruit salad to solo an AV. (1)
May the fruit salad be with you. (1)


Over the course of time Defender had many children. The eldest where the powerful and conceited Storm and his mild and giving twin sister Empathy. Then came Radia and Darkity who knew much of their mothers gifts for weakening a foe. Kin, like her older sister Empathy, was a giving sort, perhaps with less generosity, but with more of her mothers speed and strength. Young Trick was a tinker who made toys to copies his mothers powers, while Sonic and Bubbles both inherited talents for enshrouding a ally with a protective grace.

These elder children in turn had children of their own until Defender was graced with many grandchildren and great grandchildren to help watch over the progeny of her siblings.

It came to pass that one of these later generations decided to learn which of the branches of Defenders children was the greatest. So he went in turn to his Grandfathers, Grandmothers, Grandaunts and Granduncles to ask.

Empathy answered, "Why my children of course, because we make those under our care more powerful than any hero alone."

Storm answered, "You have to ask who is most powerful?!" And swept the child from his home with a powerful wind.

Kin answered, "My charges are as safe as Empathy's and move twice as fast! My children are clearly the strongest."

Bubbles answered, "Protected by my children you need fear no harm, what could be more powerful than that!". Listening nearby Sonic retorted, "Mine shall do that and weaken the foes around you, clearly I and my children are more powerful."

Radia and Darkity both fell to squabbling about the most effective way to weaken a foe, but both agreed this was the strongest of Defender’s gifts.

Trick laughed and said, "Show me what another can do that I cannot!" The child replied, "Heal?" So Trick shot him with a sharp arrow and the child fled.

Confused and frustrated the child sought Defender herself and asked, "Great Mother, which of your children is strongest?" Defender chuckled and laid before the child some fruit she had in a nearby bowl and said, "Which of these fruit is greatest my child?". The child thought and answered, "Well watermelon is cooling on a hot day, and orange will help ward off illness. Apple is sweet and filling, but grapes are jucier and make heady wine. I could not say. What do you say?". Defender then took the fruit and chopped them, mixed them together in a bowl and handed to the child saying, "That my child, is wisdom."

- Jock Tamson, Mythologist