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So I have been playing City of Heroes with a passion, since I started, and finally decided to make my contribution to this fine and educating wikia for the City of Heroes fans. I always play on the EU server Defiant, so that's where you will find me. Most of my characters follow a family concept, either related by blood, friendship, hate or affection, I try to connect them to each other. One big happy family eh??

With so much information in the game, there must be some kind of way I can contribute. Though I don't see myself as a starter of many new articles, I do like to added missing or outdated information when I find it.


Current Characters are in alphabetically order and can be fought with or against on the EU server Defiant.


Badge defeatrecluse.pngV archetypeicon dominator.pngOriginicon science.png


Plant Control - Icy Assault - Speed

Threat level 32

A childhood friend of Sulfur Tios turned bad, Captice became overly jealous of Neutron Storms affection to Sulfur. She was not really into Neutron, she just felt he should pursue her as a lover instead. As was in Captice's nature to dominate those around her, she could not bear the rejection/lack of interest from Neutron Storm. The final drop came when the Rikiti destroyed her precious beloved garden during the second invasion. This simply turned not just her heart as cold as glacier ice, but so much of her, that she needs to hurt and dominate other people to vent of some of the bitterness. Though she could have restored her garden to former glory, she instead used her "green fingers" to create some of the most devastating seeds and plants to fulfil her dark dark hunger to destroy and defile everything for those that are trying to make a better life for them selves.

Smacking down justice


Frequency charging up his powers


Sonic Attack - Energy Manipulation - Leaping - Speed

Security Level 50

Frequency is the father of several heroes and villains in Paragon City and the Rouge Isles. He went missing after the first Rikti invasion, when he was kidnapped by the Rikti, and used for experimental research. He has no recollection of who he is and where he comes from. He have no idea that he sometimes fight against or with his own children, and neither do they. Frequency is, well just that, frequency. The Rikti experiments that where conducted on him, left him only as sonic patterns and brainwaves, and he therefore needs to contain himself within his armour. He draw his powers from emitted brainwaves from creatures around him and focuses them on his enemies, making him a very dangerous opponent. He bears an, for him, inexplicable hatred for the Rikti and all they stand for.

Hazard Granit

Badge defeatstatesman.pngArchetypeicon tanker.png Originicon magic.png

Security level 14

Though many view Hazard Granit as cold as stone, or stone cold if you prefer, he is quite the cheerful type. As long as you follow his view of good and bad. Step on the wrong side of him, and you will have a landslide on your hands. The coldness and bitterness in his punch does by no means though reflect on his inner warm heart.

Stone Armor StoneArmor StoneArmor.png Rock Armor StoneArmor EarthsEmbrace.png Earth's Embrace StoneArmor Rooted.png Rooted StoneArmor MagmaArmor.png Brimstone Armor
Ice Melee IcyOnslaught FrozenFist.png Frozen Fists IcyOnslaught Frost.png Frost IcyOnslaught Taunt.png Taunt
Fitness Fitness Quick.png Swift
Teleportation Teleportation RecallTeleport.png Recall Friend
User jacal hazardgranit 01.jpg

Jacal Tios

Out of hiding for the photograph
Badge defeatrecluse.pngV archetypeicon stalker.png Originicon technology.png

Threat level 50

Jacal is a sinister character, he is the twin brother of Sulfur Tios, and instead of choosing the life of a hero, he chose the dark path, blaming the Paragon Police Department and all the so called "ooh so goody heroes" of Paragon City, for the kidnapping and apparently demise of his father, now known only as Frequency. He has joined the "dark side" with his cousin Iris Tios, aka Mind Mistress, doing bad deeds through out the Rouge Islands, making life as bad as possible for the Paragon Police Department and all Heroes of the Paragon City. And his only common thing with his sisters Sulfur and Lumina is his hate for the Rikti.

Energy Melee PowerPunch EnergyPunch.png Energy Punch PowerPunch BoneSmasher.png Bone Smasher PowerPunch AssassinStrike.png Assassin's Strike PowerPunch BuildUp.png Build Up PowerPunch Placate.png Placate PowerPunch EnergyTransfer.png Energy Transfer PowerPunch TotalFocus.png Total Focus
Regeneration Regeneration Hide.png Hide Regeneration FastHealing.png Fast Healing Regeneration Reconstruction.png Reconstruction Regeneration DullPain.png Dull Pain Regeneration Integration.png Integration Regeneration InstantHealing.png Instant Healing Regeneration MomentOfGlory.png Moment of Glory
Leaping Jump CombatJump.png Combat Jumping Jump LongJump.png Super Jump
Fitness Fitness Quick.png Swift Fitness Health.png Health Fitness Stamina.png Stamina
Fighting Fighting Kick.png Kick Fighting Tough.png Tough Fighting Weave.png Weave
Soul Mastery Arachnos Patron TargetedRangedModDmg.png Dark Blast

Jar Tios

Badge defeatstatesman.pngArchetypeicon tanker.png Originicon technology.png

Security level 24

Jar Tios is/was a knight of the round table in mid evil England. He was fighting beside King Arthur him self, when he by a freak accident, where transported forward in time by the Oroboro System, and thus becoming the oldest of heroes in Paragon City. Jar is the great great great great grandfather of the current day Tios family, but finds himself as a solitary creature in these new and modern times. Even though he is set in his ancient ways, his skills with the battleaxe and his impression of being surrounded by a Fiery Aura in battle, makes him a heavily sought after hero, to take the heavy blows from the more fragile ones.

Fiery Aura FlamingShield FlamingShield.png Fire Shield FlamingShield HealingFlames.png Healing Flames FlamingShield Consume.png Consume FlamingShield PlasmaSheild.png Plasma Shield
Battle Axe BattleAxe Beheader.png Beheader BattleAxe Gash.png Gash BattleAxe Taunt.png Taunt BattleAxe BuildUp.png Buildup
Leaping Jump CombatJump.png Combat Jumping Jump LongJump.png Super Jump Jump Acrobatics.png Acrobatics
Fitness Fitness Quick.png Swift Fitness Health.png Health Fitness Stamina.png Stamina
Back from the ages!

Lumina Tios

User jacal luminatios 01.jpg
Badge defeatstatesman.pngArchetypeicon scrapper.png Originicon science.png

Security level 39

Lumina Tios is the younger sister of the twins Sulfur and Jacal. All though smaller and younger, she is by no means any lesser of a hero than her sister Sulfur. She is just as dedicated to the "good" cause as her sister, and has an unmatched skill with her katana, and highly toned reflexes that makes her a very skilled in close combat. She misses her father greatly, and have as all her siblings sworn death over all Rikti. Lumina had her training by the most renowned sword fighters in Japan, and it shows in her swordplay and her heighten focused senses.

Katana Katana Slash.png Sting of the Wasp Katana Slice.png Flashing Steel Katana BuildUp.png Build Up Katana WhirlingSword.png The Lotus Drops Katana Disembowel.png Soaring Dragon Katana HeadSplitter.png Golden Dragonfly
Super Reflexes SuperReflexes FocusedFighting.png Focused Fighting SuperReflexes FocusedSenses.png Focused Senses SuperReflexes Agile.png Agile SuperReflexes PracticedBrawler.png Practiced Brawler SuperReflexes Quickness.png Quickness SuperReflexes Lucky.png Lucky SuperReflexes Quickness.png Quickness SuperReflexes Elude.png Elude
Leaping Jump CombatJump.png Combat Jumping Jump LongJump.png Super Jump
Fitness Fitness Quick.png Swift Fitness Health.png Health Fitness Stamina.png Stamina
Speed SuperSpeed AcceleratedCombat.png Hasten

Mind Mistress

Badge defeatrecluse.png V archetypeicon mastermind.png Originicon magic.png

Threat level 40

Mind Mistress, also known as Iris Tios, is the cousin of Sulfur, Jacal and Lumina Tios. She find her prey alongside Jacal in the Rouge Isles, and is very commanding and is quite similar to Sulfur in her controlling ways. Mind Mistress likes to take charge and is a born manipulator. She also dabbles quite a bit with alchemy, where she has a wide range of concoctions of poisons to stop her enemies and to help her allies with. She has been thought of as the one to follow after Lord Recluse himself, but is at the moment content to follow her own ambitions.

Ninjas Ninjas CallGenin.png Call Genin Ninjas TrainNinjas.png Train Ninjas Ninjas CallJounin.png Call Jounin Ninjas KujiKiri.png Smoke Flash Ninjas CallOni.png Call Oni Ninjas UpgradeEquipment.png Kuji In Zen
Poison Poison Alkaloid.png Alkaloid Poison Envenom.png Envenom Poison Weaken.png Weaken Poison NeurotoxicBreath.png Neurotoxic Breath Poison Antidote.png Antidote Poison Paralytic.png Paralytic Poison Poison NoxiousGas.png Noxious Gas
Leaping Jump CombatJump.png Combat Jumping Jump LongJump.png Super Jump
Fitness Fitness Quick.png Swift Fitness Health.png Health Fitness Stamina.png Stamina
Leadership Leadership Assault.png Assault Leadership Tactics.png Tactics
User jacal mindmistress 01.jpg

Nebula Tios

User jacal nebulatios 01.jpg
Badge defeatstatesman.png Archetypeicon peacebringer.png Originicon technology.png

Security level 8

Nebula Tios is a halfway member of the Tios family. As all Kheldians, he willing melted with a full on Kheldian to better the world as we know it. Though his family was highly against it, he choose to become a Kheldian, viewing it as the only way to obtain any powers to fight on the side of good in Paragon City.

Luminous Blast LuminousBlast GlintingEye.png Glinting Eye LuminousBlast GleamingBlast.png Gleaming Blast LuminousBlast BrightNova.png Bright Nova
Luminous Aura LuminousAura Incandescence.png Incandescence LuminousAura ShiningShield.png Shining Shield
Fitness Fitness Quick.png Swift


Badge defeatrecluse.png V archetypeicon corruptor.png Originicon technology.png

Threat level 22

Nechral is the evil version of Jar Tios, though not as old as Jar himself, though only by 10 years, he found a way to nearly eternal life by performing an ancient ritual and becoming what in the old days where seen as a lich. Nechral was the son of Jar Tios brother, and because he never found a place within the Knights of the Round table as Jar did, he simply turned evil and dissolute. He felt the world was against him and this has just poisoned him more over the years.

Fire Blast FireBlast Flare.png Flares FireBlast FireBlast.png Fire Blast FireBlast FireBall.png Fire Ball FireBlast RainOfFire.png Rain of Fire FireBlast ArcOfFire.png Fire Breath FireBlast Aim.png Aim
Thermal Radiation ThermalRadiation Warmth.png Warmth
Speed SuperSpeed AcceleratedCombat.png Hasten SuperSpeed SuperSpeed.png Super Speed
Fitness Fitness Quick.png Swift Fitness Health.png Health Fitness Stamina.png Stamina
The photographer was never seen again after this picture was taken

Neutron Storm

Take that you skuls.
Badge defeatstatesman.png Archetypeicon defender.png Originicon magic.png

Security Level 28

Neutron Storm is a self proclaimed defender of Sulfur Tios. He is not in any blood relation to the Tios family but seeks to one day capture the heart of Sulfur. Neutron is as pure of heart as any hero, if not more, even though his powers is radiation wise, and not a good thing to be subjected to over a long period of time.

Radiation Emission RadiationPoisoning RadiationEmission.png Radiant Aura RadiationPoisoning RadiationInfection.png Radiation Infection RadiationPoisoning AccelerateMetabolism.png Accelerate Metabolism RadiationPoisoning EnervatingField.png Enervating Field RadiationPoisoning Mutation.png Mutation RadiationPoisoning LingeringRadiation.png Lingering Radiation
Energy Blast PowerBlast PowerBolts.png Power Bolt PowerBlast EnergyTorrent.png Energy Torrent PowerBlast PowerBurst.png Power Burst PowerBlast Aim.png Aim
Teleportation Teleportation RecallTeleport.png Recall Friend Teleportation Teleport.png Teleport
Fitness Fitness Quick.png Swift Fitness Health.png Health Fitness Stamina.png Stamina

Sulfur Tios

Badge defeatstatesman.png Archetypeicon controller.png Originicon mutation.png

Security level 50

She is a vixen, and like most women, she is very controlling. One flick of her finger and she will hold you in a trance, making you feel like floating in the air, while she zaps you of your strength. She is the oldest daughter of Frequency, who was kidnapped by the Rikiti during the first invasion, and presumed deceased. Sulfur Tios has a vast number of family members that are heroes/villains, including a twin brother called Jacal Tios, who is roaming the Rouge Islands as we speak, stalking his next prey. She also has a younger sister called Lumina Tios who sometimes fights along side her, and a great great great great grandfather, Jar Tios, back from the middle ages, who used to fight alongside King Arthur and the round table, but by a freak accident went forward in time through the oroboro system and stayed here. Sulfur has chosen the path of light and taken Rikti as her sworn enemy, and she will not stop until they are obliterated from this world and their own.

Gravity Control GravityControl Crush.png Crush GravityControl Lift.png Lift GravityControl GravityDistortion.png Gravity Distortion GravityControl Propel.png Propel GravityControl GravityDistortionField.png Gravity Distortion Field GravityControl Wormhole.png Wormhole GravityControl Singularity.png Singularity
Kinetics KineticBoost Transfusion.png Transfusion KineticBoost SiphonSpeed.png Siphon Speed KineticBoost IncreaseDensity.png Increase Density KineticBoost SpeedBoost.png Speed Boost KineticBoost Transferance.png Transference KineticBoost KineticTransfer.png Fulcrum Shift
Speed SuperSpeed AcceleratedCombat.png Hasten SuperSpeed SuperSpeed.png Super Speed
Fitness Fitness Quick.png Swift Fitness Health.png Health Fitness Stamina.png Stamina
Flight Flight CombatFlight.png Hover
Teleportation Teleportation RecallTeleport.png Recall Friend
Fire Mastery FireBlast FireBlast.png Fire Blast FireBlast FireBall.png Fire Ball FireMastery FlamingShield.png Fire Shield FireMastery Consume.png Consume
Now you have made her mad!!

Twin Spark

For once she has packed her blades away
Badge defeatrecluse.png V archetypeicon brute.png Originicon natural.png

Threat level 41

Twin Spark has always been bad, and when some stupid person gave her a set of blades imbued with some undrainable electric power, hell turned lose. She get freakishly furious for absolutely nothing, and nothing should or want to stand in her path. There is only one thing that will stop her, and that is the lack of more enemies to defeat. She is affiliated with the Dark Emblem villain group, but has never been known to "play" with them, mostly because she just get pissed of!

Dual Blades DualBlades LightOpening.png Nimble Slash DualBlades ModerateBridge.png Ablating Strike DualBlades AoEBridge.png Typhoon's Edge DualBlades FollowUp.png Blinding Feint DualBlades Special2.png Sweeping Strike DualBlades Special1.png Vengeful Slice DualBlades HighLow.png One Thousand Cuts
Electric Armor ElectricArmor SelfBuffDefensePhysical.png Charged Armor ElectricArmor SelfResistElements.png Conductive Shield ElectricArmor SelfResistMez.png Static Shield ElectricArmor SelfResistEnergies.png Grounded ElectricArmor SelfBuffRunSpeed.png Lightning Reflexes ElectricArmor SelfBuffRecovery.png Conserve Power ElectricArmor SelfBuffDefense.png Power Surge
Leaping Jump CombatJump.png Combat Jumping Jump LongJump.png Super Jump
Fitness Fitness Quick.png Swift Fitness Health.png Health Fitness Stamina.png Stamina
Fighting Fighting Kick.png Kick Fighting Tough.png Tough

White Orb

Badge defeatrecluse.png V archetypeicon arachnos soldier.png Originicon natural.png

Threat level 14

Even though a part of the Arachnos ranks, White Orb does not necessarily see himself as a "bad" guy. Though maybe a little diluted, he does help old ladies over the streets. Problem is, there are not that many old people in the Rouge Isles to help.

Arachnos Soldier ArachnosSoldier Singleshot.png Single Shot ArachnosSoldier Burst.png Burst ArachnosSoldier HeavyBurst.png Heavy Burst
Training and Gadgets TrainingandGadgets WolfSpiderArmor.png Wolf Spider Armor TrainingandGadgets CombatTrainingOffensive.png Combat Training: Offensive TrainingandGadgets TacticalTrainingManeuvers.png Tactical Training: Maneuvers
Speed SuperSpeed AcceleratedCombat.png Hasten SuperSpeed SuperSpeed.png Super Speed
Fitness Fitness Quick.png Swift
No old ladies to escort here!

Jacal 14:09, 4 July 2008 (UTC)


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