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The Supreme Superbeing Awards


This event was held on the EU Training Room (Test Server) on Sunday 6th April 2008 at 19.00 GMT.

TitanGamingRadio broadcasted throughout the event.

The Supreme Superbeing Awards is a logical extension of the numerous Costume Competitions that are held throughout the game. The awards take into account the entirety of a character, the bio, costume and name. Badges and Battlecries may also be used if the decision is close to a tie.

Notable Characters

Organiser: Lady_Leprechaun

Judges: Ms Blue (H.E.R.O.), Mr White (S.C.Q), Dr. Red (B.R.P.E.).

Special guests: Mothers Love, DJ Coin


The idea was thought up by Lady_Leprechaun on the EU Forums, who was joined by Finch, Soulsearch and efan78 in arranging the event.

Three organisations were created for this event. Superbeings for Conceptual Quality (S.C.Q.), Heroic Endeavour Recognition Organisation (H.E.R.O.) and the Board for the Recognition of Pure Evil (B.R.P.E.) who will each provide a representative as a judge.


The Supreme Superbeing Awards

The main event was, as previously mentioned, a competition judged on a whole character concept. This included Costume, Bio, Name, Powers, Badge and Battlecry. The competition was judged in Pocket D on the EU Training Room.

There was one winner each from both Heroes and Villains.

The Winner received 15 Million Inf(luence/amy), a special forum title, along with a specially commisioned piece of artwork supplied by City of Kittenz, courtesy of Mothers_Love.

Other Events

While the judges were pondering and discussing the various entries there was a number of side events running throughout the evening. These included:

  • Rock, Paper, Scissors contests
  • Arena Event
  • and "Find the Lady".

There were various prizes available for these side events, including Event Salvage, Wing Recipes (see Invention Made Costumes), and more!

The Rules

On 17 March 2008 the final rules for the judging were posted by Lady_Leprechaun on the sign up threads.

Heroes sign-up thread

Villains sign-up thread

The rules were posted as:

WHERE & WHEN The Supreme Super-Being awards ceremony will take place on the EU test server on the evening of Sunday 6th April. It will commence at approximately 19:00 GMT.

PRIZES The winning Hero and Villain will each receive 15 Million Influence/Infamy. The runner up in each competition will receive 5 Million Influence/Infamy.

The winners will also receive a forum title of either Atlas (Hero) or Grandville (Villain) Globe Winner 2008.

For our “extra special” prize” the two winners will also be depicted together in a unique piece of “City of Kittenz” artwork celebrating their win.. For obvious reasons this last prize will not be awarded on the night. Our artist is very good but not THAT good!

PROCESS There will be a panel of 3 Judges one representative each from H.E.R.O. (Heroic Endeavour Recognition Organisation), B.R.P.E. (Bureau for the Recognition of Pure Evil) and S.C.Q. (Society for Conceptual Quality)

From the starting entries, each judge will select 2 Heroes and 2 Villains to go through to the next round. This means that 6 Heroes and 6 Villains will progress to the next round.

Each judge will then choose which Single Hero and which Single Villain they think should advance to the final. To eliminate any favouritism, judges cannot pick any of the characters they advanced to this stage of the competition. This means that 3 Heroes and 3 Villains will advance to the final

Each judge will now privately rank the final 3 heroes and final 3 Villains 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The 3 judges will then compare their rankings and total the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place votes each character has received. The Hero and Villain with the highest total rankings will then be crowned the Atlas/Grandville Globe Winners for 2008.

RULES 1) We realise that players with more than one account could enter two characters. Whilst it’s very unlikely, this means that one player could potentially win both the Hero and Villain competitions. To try and eliminate this, we are therefore working to the principle of one entry per player. You can enter either a Hero OR a Villain but not both. Of course we have no way to police this and we are therefore trusting to the honesty and fair play of the community toward your fellow players.

2) Although we are asking players to register in advance for the contest, we are currently planning to allow a short window on the night, for last minute entries. We do reserve the right to change our mind on this point though, if we get a big volume of entries via registration. We simply might not have time to take additional ones on the night! We therefore recommend that anyone considering an entry does so via the sign up threads!

3) The old saying is that “you can’t take it with you when you go”. In the case of taking Influence or Infamy from Test Server to the Live Servers this is absolutely true. Therefore the prizes will be awarded to the winners on the live servers at a time and place of their choosing. We do ask that this be within 24 hours of the win though as our security people get nervous holding onto large amounts like that for too long!.

4) In order to register your entry for the Award Competition please provide the following information: Character Name Character AT Power Sets Home Server Back-story/Bio.

There is no need to provide more info than this at this stage. Everything else will be assessed on the night of the competition itself.

Please include all info in the body of the post itself, rather than using links to other pages? Having all the info in one place will make life a lot easier for the judging panel that have to read every single one.

Okay, this one is the important one. The back-story/bio you enter with MUST be able to fit in the in game “Character Description” section of the ID card. The idea behind this is twofold. Firstly is means that everyone is competing on a level playing field, using the same tools and under the same handicap. Secondly, the judges simply don’t have time to read through a barrage of novellas and short stories that we know this community is more than talented enough to write!

We place this final request with genuine apologies to our friends from the wider European/International Community. If at all possible, can we please ask for entries to be submitted in English and marked as being translated from French, German, Greek etc. We realise that when translated over it is possible that some entries may not fit into the space on the character description window. Where entries are marked as having been translated we will allow a VERY SMALL overrun on the space.

We will already have a large amount of reading/research to do, going through all the submission. Having to translate an entry before we assess it will only add to this. Of course, entries in other languages will be accepted the same as any others, but please bear in mind that the effectiveness of your entry may suffer based on the quality of translation we can get.

I think that’s all we need to cover. If there are any questions please post them in the main thread or you can PM me directly.

Good Luck all!

A clarification was later posted by Lady_Leprechaun on the main thread about the length of the bio/backstory:

I have now checked the space available in that box. Using a simple test sentence, I have worked out that the box will take approx 984 character including full stops, spaces etc.

Obviously if all capitals were used this would decrease and also if you used only the full stop/dot then you could get a lot more of those in. (Although your backstory would not be that interesting)

So, can all entrants please keep their backstory to just under 1000 characters and we should be safe.

Many thanks for your co-operation.

The Finalists

The judges agreed that it was a very difficult choice but managed to create a shortlist of 6 heroes and 6 villains. They were:


Clucking Egg - 2nd Place

The Award

Glitterfrost - 3rd Place


Lady Brittany - 1st Place

Project XIV




Gehenna's Fury

Little White Lies - 1st Place

Dark Ebon Spider - 3rd Place

Master Zaprobo - 2nd Place

The Winners

The backgrounds of both of the winners were posted on the official thread but have been copied and pasted here for ease:

Winner of the Atlas Globe - Lady Brittany

Character Name: Lady Brittany

Character AT: Scrapper / Magic

Power Sets: Broadsword / Invulnerability

Home Server: Vigilance

Back-story/Bio :More than one thousand year ago, in order to preserve from destruction Camelot’s city, Merlin the enchanter and the Lady of the Lake exiled from the mystic castle to the extra-dimensional kingdom of Avalon.

To protect the magic link between Avalon and Gaia, someone was chosen each time the earth was in danger so he got Camelots powers and become the protector of Avalon.

At the first invasion of Riktis, Elisabeth Temple, a young nurse was full of energy and devotion to treat the heroes of battle. When she was seriously injured, the Lady of the Lake appeared to her and proposed to become a super-heroine like her.

Elisabeth accepted and was taught by the best fencing master of Camelot and received a magical sword forged by Merlin himself.

Winner of the Grandville Globe - Little White Lies

Character Name: Little White Lies Character AT: Dominator Power Sets: Mind Control, Fiery Assault Home Server: Union Back-story/Bio: Oh, hello there! Fancy meeting you again! *smooch*

Oh yes, we have met. Almost on a daily basis, I would say. For instance, do you remember last Friday, when you said to your "significant other" that you had to stay at work a little longer, when you really went to the pub with the mates? Yes, that was me, whispering in your ear.

You see, love, that's what I do. I tempt and suggest, and... well, you happily oblige, and then I only have to whisper an excuse and your bad conscience make you tell it!

Oh my! You should really see your face! I wonder what you will say to your darling now that you're late, and how you will explain the lipstick on your cheek? Of course you will tell your sweetheart a little lie, and I will be there to help you. I will always be there for you, everytime the angel Better Nature makes you feel a little... naughty.

Because that's me - Little White Lies!

Screenshots from the evening

The screenshots from the evening were posted by Soulsearch and Finch and can be found:

Finch's Screenshots

Soulsearch's Screenshots (You will need to enter the password 'soulsearch')

Other Winners

There were a number of other games on the night and the individual winners were:

Rock, Paper, Scissors

This space is to post the details of the Winners

Find the Lady

This space is to post the details of the Winners


Only four entrants tried for the Arena match, HardRider, Clucking Egg, Ebola and Master Zaprobo. Although the winner was Master Zaprobo the Respec Recipe was donated to the runner up Ebola

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