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This page contains the general guidelines for The Lore Project as well as editing help.

Structure Information For Contributors

The URL of all the pages in the Lore Project begin with: www.ParagonWiki/wiki/Lore/

Other pages will fall under that directory tree, e.g.:

  • www.ParagonWiki/wiki/Lore/Multiverse
  • www.ParagonWiki/wiki/Lore/Multiverse/Rikti Earth
  • www.ParagonWiki/wiki/Lore/Multiverse/Upsilon Beta 9-6
  • www.ParagonWiki/wiki/Lore/ArcheTypes

And so on.

The Wiki will automatically leave breadcrumbs at the top of each sub-page showing one's place in the directory.

Common Practices

All Lore pages should link to lore pages, rather than main wiki pages.

  • Exceptions to this rule is when mods to the page are not needed to make the page fit with the lore format, and linking back to the lore section isn't needed.

All Lore should be referenced or explained how you got the assumption.

References are to be posted using the following format:

Next to what is to be cited:

<ref name="<description>">

In the References section of the page:

<ref name="<description>"/>[URL <text in ref>]</ref>
<text in the ref> should be replaced in this format:
  • Game: <Contact> - <mission> or Game: <map> Plaque <location> or Game: <name of item/badge/whatever>
  • Site: <page title> IF CoH site has been changed and info has been removed and there is no other source URL should be replaced with *defunct*
  • Comic: <Issue> - <page>
  • Book: ISBN <ISBN>: <Title> - <page>
  • Video: <title> - <approximate time into the video>
  • Developer: <name> <date>
  • Extra: <description>

Extras are items that are produced officially, but don't fit other categories, like the Map in cluded in GvE box.

Editing Help

Red links indicate the page does not exist yet. By clicking on it, you'll be brought to an empty editing page. If you type in some info and save it, you will then be creating that page. Otherwise, new pages can be created from the field on the main page of ParagonWiki.