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QoL Features and UI Wishlist

From Beginning to End



  • Alternate selection option showing more detail (number of characters, number of total slots, thumbnails of characters, etc.)


  • Tooltip on the difference between "server" and "global" character slots
  • Labels all non-VIPs as free players (some will be Premium)
  • Have the character rotation arrows appear lower or the avatar appear higher, in order to not interfere with screenshots of the avatar
  • Ability to select an emote for your character to be performing as an alternative to the normal standing animation
  • More details available on each character from the select screen (leveling progress, primary/secondary powersets, etc.)



  • The Inherent Power (Fury, Vigilance, Gauntlet, etc.) of each archetype needs to have it's own entry/box/header


  • Names for the brooches on the capes, instead of numbers


  • Powers' colors should default as close to the "standard" colors on the current pallet if possible, especially for the alternate animations


  • New Option: An option for "A" and "An" as well as "The"
  • New Option: Alternate Language options for "The" such as "El" or "La", etc.
  • New Option: Alternate Language options for "A"/"An" such as "Le" or "La" , etc.
  • Character bio both in Registration and on the ID card needs an editor that won't mangle and displace text
  • Increase the number of characters available for Battlecry (currently only 32 characters allowed)


  • Ability to set a default costume change emote for each character with a slash command



  • Option Settings, Window Layout, Chat Settings and Keybind Profile, Save and Load buttons should all be moved to the top of the General Tab
  • Put all the "Load from default file" buttons on the same side
  • Short tutorial/tool-tip/loading screen tip explaining to players how to set and save the interface settings
  • Window layout should remember whether the main power tray window has 1, 2, or 3 rows showing.
  • Window layout should remember settings for Base Storage, Vault, Base Editing Window.


  • Change "Prompt Team Teleport" option to "Disable Team Teleport" for consistency
  • Change "Collaborative Missions" option to "Disable Collaborative Missions" for consistency
  • New Option: "Disable League Teleport"
  • New Option: "Disable Supergroup Teleport"
  • New Option: "Disable Supergroup Resurrections "


  • New Option: Character Badge Title: An option to view another character's badge title. Show Always, Show on Mouse Over, Show When Selected, Show When Selected or on Mouse Over, Hidden
  • New Option: Supergroup Rank: An option to view a character's supergroup rank floating above their head beside/below the supergroup name. Show Always, Show on Mouse Over, Show When Selected, Show When Selected or on Mouse Over, Hidden
  • New Option: Character Faction: An option to view a character's faction (Hero, Villain, Rogue, Vigilante, Loyalist, Resistance) by their name. Show Always, Show on Mouse Over, Show When Selected, Show When Selected or on Mouse Over, Hidden
  • New Option: Display an icon (star?) above any team leader's head, next to their name, so that even those not teamed with them can see it (and therefore know who to ask for an invite to a team).
  • New Option: Ability to hide the new contact arrows floating above contacts heads
  • New Option: Ability to view pet and henchmen names and owner name. Show Always, Show on Mouse Over, Show When Selected, Show When Selected or on Mouse Over, Hidden


  • New Option: Hide the Base tab in the Salvage window
  • New Option: Hide the Component tab in the Salvage window


  • Change "Filter Profanity" to "Hide Profanity" for consistency
  • Change "Chat Balloons" to "Hide Chat Balloons" for consistency
  • Change "Show Villain Private Chat" to "Hide Villain Private Chat" for consistency
  • Change "Show Villain Broadcast Chat" to "Hide Villain Broadcast Chat" for consistency
  • Change "Show Villain Local Chat" to "Hide Villain Local Chat" for consistency


  • Change "Show Pets Window Option" to "Hide Pets Window Option" for consistency



  • Change "Pop Help" to "Hide Pop Help" for consistency
  • Change "Automatic Pop Popups" to "Hide Automatic Pop Popups" for consistency


  • Change "ToolTips" to "Hide ToolTips" for consistency
  • Change "Classic Team UI" to "Disable Classic Team UI" for consistency
  • Change "Lock Powers in Tray" to "Disable Locking Powers in Tray" for consistency
  • Change "Loading Screen Tips" to "Hide Loading Screen Tips" for consistency
  • Change "XP while Exemplared" to "Disable XP while Exemplared" for consistency


  • New Option: Hide the buff/damage numbers floating above heads


  • New Option: Hide the buff/damage numbers floating above heads


  • New Option: Hide the buff/damage numbers floating above heads


  • Allow the ALT+ENTER window tabbing function to be reassigned to other keystrokes



  • New Option: Add Text Transparency: Slider from 0-100%
  • New Option: Add Background Transparency: Slider from 0-100%
  • New Option: Add Chat Border Color Red: Slider from 0-100%
  • New Option: Add Chat Border Color Blue: Slider from 0-100%
  • New Option: Add Chat Border Color Green: Slider from 0-100%
  • New Option: Add Chat Border Color Transparency: Slider from 0-100%
  • New Option: Add Chat Scale: Slider from .6 to 1.25
  • New Option: Add Chat Duration: Slider from 0-20 seconds on screen
  • New Option: Select Chat Font: A selected list of common True Type fonts



  • New: Add another tab for Supergroup which brings up the SG motto, description, MOTD and/or the character names of the highest ranking members of the supergroup
  • Make the button that displays alignment stats to other players sticky and persistent from login to login or move option to Options window
  • On the Powers tab, add another entry below the pool powers that lists all Incarnate powers crafted


  • New Option: Create a "sell all enhancements" button with confirmation box option
  • New Option: Create a "sell all recipes" button with confirmation box option
  • New Option: Create a "sell all salvage" button with confirmation box option
  • New Option: Create a "hide unusable enhancements" check box in store window buy pane
  • New Option: Tabbed store inventory. For example, Training in one tab, DOs in another, tabs for Mutant/Magic/Science/Technology/Natural



  • Allow the black area surrounding the map to be made dim-able or transparent
  • When entering a zone, have map revert to last zoom factor you had it at in that zone. For example, when coming into IP from Steel, map zooms to halfway, the same place I had it zoomed the last time I was in IP. I next go to Brickstown (where the last time I was there my map was at 3/4 zoom) and my map goes to 3/4 zoom.
  • Center maps on character when zooming in or out
  • New Option: Ability to see supergroup members and friends list members on map like you can see teammates and leaguemates, with a toggle in the map display to turn these two markers on or off
  • Map icon for Icon changed from the default 'dollar sign' to a a lowercase "i" with a blue circle around it (the actual Icons' logo).
  • Map icon for the Facemaker changed from the default 'dollar sign' to an "f" with a red circle around it. The red coloring would help distinguish it from Ferries and the lowercase "f" could work for the color-blind


  • Allow NPC dialog screens to accept the window opacity settings of the rest of the UI
  • Allow auto-dropping of tutorial contacts (MA, Inventions, etc.)
  • New Tab or Re-purposed Tips Tab: Cooldown timer for activities. Display could be a rectangle similar to the contact window (head-shot left side, task-force/trial/SSA name center, badge or icon right that shrinks with over time and has tooltip with precise timer)


  • Place holders for all day job badges, once you've visited an area that qualifies
  • Better tool-tips for IO crafting badges. Split the placeholder into two boxes if needed a la Steel Canyon event badge for fire-fighting and Hellion arsonists


  • New Feature: Make Inspiration tray flexible and bendable like the power trays with pre-configured layouts. (2x10, 4x5, 5x4, 10x2)
  • Put "Manage" on the power tray not on the enhancement tray itself (tight squeeze)
  • Make the HP/END/XP bars the same length as the power and enhancement trays for docking purposes and aesthetic reasons
  • New Feature: Allow HP, END, XP, Tray 1, Tray 2, Inspirations, Enhancements, Tray 3, etc. to be docked together and moved as a unit


  • Possible New Display Option: 5 Column display: Primary, Secondary, Inherent (including Inherent Fitness), Power Pools, Other Powers (Accolades, Incarnate, Temporary, Day Job)
  • Possible New Display Option: 4 Column display: | Primary with first, then second power pools underneath || Secondary with third then fourth power pools underneath || Inherent with Inherent Fitness and Ancillary/Patron Power Pool underneath || Day Jobs/Temporary/Incarnate/Accolades |
  • Possible New Display Option: Tabs: Primary/Secondary, Inherent/Power Pools, Accolades & Incarnate, Day Job & Temporary
  • Possible New Display Option: Selection Options: Hide Temporary, Hide Incarnate, Hide Accolades, Hide Day Jobs, Hide Inherent, Hide Ancillary/Patron Power Pool, etc.
  • New Feature: The ability to change the height and width by dragging borders


  • New Feature: Allow more than one enhancement to be deleted at a time.
  • New Feature: Enhancements Ordering: Rarity Ascending, Rarity Descending, Type Ascending, Type Descending, Name Ascending, Name Descending,
  • New Feature: Allow for certain types of enhancements to be auto-deleted upon drop, via a filter. For example, set the filter to: delete all training, delete all DOs, delete all reds, delete all enhancements not usable by this charater due to origin, delete all DO enhancements not usable by this character due to origin, delete all training and DOs, etc.
  • Make DOs/SOs a character cannot use due to origin incompatability display in a color other than green, blue, yellow or red. Maybe orange?


  • New Feature: A "quick" combine interface. When a hero has 50+ enhancements to buy and then combine, the accumulated time for the screen to change, then calculate percentages, then the combine animation to take place is too long. Please give us an "expert" version that has a faster interface.
  • The Manage Enhancement Screen should be adjusted to reflect any new Powers Window layout.


  • Outline a queued inspiration in red similar to queued powers.


  • New Option: Ability to hide the Base Salvage tab
  • New Option: Ability to hide the Component Salvage tab


  • Move the friend online announcement to it's own chat channel and/or do not announce friends that are on your team
  • Have members of your supergroup and/or supergroup coalition that log on be announced a la a friends announcement
  • Sound to accompany supergroup and coalition chat messages (as with Team, League or Private messages)
  • Ablity to /sginvite by left-clicking someones name who sent you a /tell


  • Restore skull markers in team window for dead team/league members
  • Audible chime anytime the Team or League leadership is passed to any other character


  • More pre-made pet macro icons.


  • League window should remember how it was set last time it was used.
  • New Option: League window should have option for "Classic Team"
  • Modified Display Option: When a player is in the hospital on a trial, their health bar on the League and Team windows turned gray, like when a player is in a different phase from you in Atlas Park or Mercy Island


  • Server friends should at least show the information that global friends shows (Status, Map, Level, Archetype, Faction, Team Size)
  • Global Friends should have an option to 'stick' with the expanded view or show the expanded view by default as an option
  • Global Friends should have a Faction and last online column added
  • Server, Global Friends, Global Ignore and Global Chat Channels should show Player Rating and Player Notes and the ability to update notes/rating even if the player/character is offline
  • New "Custom" column in server and global friends lists. Players could input their character's battle-cry, time they normally play, if they are on vacation, etc. in this space to show up on other people's display.
  • Ability to quickly and easily add all supergroup members to your Friends or Global Friends lists
  • Tab interface option for friend window, in addition to the current drop-down menu selection
  • Friends should remember which list you looked at last rather than opening to a default server friends


  • When you get an invite to a supergroup, it should tell you the name of the supergroup, rather than just the name of the character inviting you
  • Ability to extend a supergroup invitation to player not online; for example, via email
  • Allow columns within the supergroup display window to be toggled on/off (origin, etc.)
  • Use the color scheme from LFG/Search to show if a supergroup member is teamed, solo, on a full team, is a team leader, or looking for team, etc.
  • Add "custom" column to the the supergroup display window. Players could put character's battle cry, time they normally play, if they are on vacation, a message to the supergroup, etc. in this space
  • Links to Player Ratings and Player Notes for each character in the supergroup display window and the ability to update notes/rating even if the player/character is offline
  • Add Global Chat handles to the supergroup display window. A player would have to check the "Display Global Chat Handle" box in their supergroup options. If they check the box, then their Global Chat handle will appear in this column, allowing players to see which alts belong to which players.
  • Ability to select multiple members of a character's supergroup in the supergroup display window simultaneously and invite them all to a team with one click
  • A count on roster list (1-150) in the supergroup display window
  • Receive notifications when supergroup members log in
  • Ability to check to see who is online in coalitioned supergroups
  • Ability to view the Info window for the members of your SG when they are offline or in another zone
  • Gender-specific titles. In other words, right now, it's really difficult to use, as an example, an aristocratic theme to your SG titles. Say the leader was 'King' ... it'd be nice if you could have a 'Queen' option for a female leader. 'Duke'/'Duchess' for captains, etc. Think $heshe, $himher, etc.
  • Ability to promote or demote characters in a supergroup not online.
  • Ability to self-demote your character in a supergroup
  • Ability to change supergroup's name after supergroup creation
  • EMPTY slot for the emblem selection screen during supergroup creation
  • Add all the character emblem options to the supergroup emblem options
  • Ability to add the supergroup logo without losing your current logo (on your chest). For example, the ability to add the supergroup logo as a smaller logo over your left shoulder/chest or to your cape. Similar to the way the captain of a hocky team has the "C" on their jersey
  • A toggle for where a character wants to display the supergroup's symbol (Chest, Upper Left, Cape Exterior)
  • A supergroup "calendar" utility -- something to make it easy for supergroups to schedule group events like task forces and things. Something where we could fill in dates of upcoming events and they would show up as sort of a second MoTD as the time approached or an SG EVENT sub-tab on the SG interface, where Leaders could post dates & descriptions of upcoming events, such as Trials, Task Forces, or Raids.
  • A marker or a check box each supergroup member can check to sign up for some supergroup event, in order to make it easier to coordinate who is in for what events.
  • Ability to set up supergroup polls.


  • New Feature: Ability to email a group of people (like your whole supergroup, your whole friends list, etc.) using one address (@sg?)
  • New Feature: Ability to re-size the upper portion of email window.
  • New Feature: Tool-tips for "Account" and "Character" items
  • New Option: List pane should have the option to mark/select messages you wish to claim. In Account (All Characters) the claim all should claim all selected rewards, as opposed to all rewards.



  • New Feature: More than 10 tabs.
  • Tab labels block text. Please change them so they start from right to left instead of left to right so they do not block shorter messages.
  • New Feature: Team box needs to dock to the top of whatever attached, numbered tab is on top.


  • New Feature: Two levels of channel operator, owner and operator. Owners can kick operators, operators cannot kick owners.


  • New Feature: Filter for items already owned
  • More than 4 items viewed at a time
  • Back button takes you back to the correct page not page 1 of X
  • Resizeable window


  • Zone loading screens should adapt to 4:3 and 16:9 scales