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Total Altaholic.gif This user is an altaholic.
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Badge defeatrecluse.png This user occasionally plays City of Villains on the Justice server.
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The Lineup

As indicated, I'm quite an altaholic. But I do have some I play more often than others:


Alyssa D'Eldess Alyssa D'Eldess
Originicon magic.pngArchetypeicon scrapper.pngClaws ClawsSwipe.pngSuperReflexes Elude.png
My first 50, and my main for quite some time. Alyssa dreams Paragon City, and the great deeds she does there. In reality, she's the hero below.
Alyssa Awakened Alyssa Awakened
Originicon science.pngArchetypeicon warshade.pngUmbralBlast ShadowBolt.pngUmbralAura Absorption.png
This Alyssa was a normal person, captured by the Council as part of their program to instill Nictus into unwilling hosts. In this case, Alyssa had a latent ability awakened by the alien invasion - together, they watched as another personality (Alyssa D'Eldess, above) strove to protect the city. The knowledge of what they could become together turned the Nictus against its former masters, and now they strive to become what they once dreamed.
Virtue's Angel Virtue's Angel
Originicon magic.pngArchetypeicon defender.pngEmpathy HealingAura.pngPsychicBlast MentalBlast.png
There used to be quite a few Demon characters running around, so I felt the need to create something to offset the current darkness. Thus, an angel! She's one of my few grouping-only characters, and the only one in which I am constantly in-character.


Social Network Social Network
Originicon technology.pngV archetypeicon mastermind.pngRobotics BuildRobotArmy.pngForceField PersonalForceField.png
Social Network is a hacker, but as her name implies she's not just the technical kind. She likes to go in undercover, fool people into thinking she's someone she's not, and get away with the loot before the bad guys even know they've been robbed. Of course, that approach has gone by the wayside somewhat now that she has a robot army.
The End is Nigh The End is Nigh
Originicon mutation.pngV archetypeicon dominator.pngMentalControl Hypnotize.pngPsionicAssault MentalDart.png
Closest thing I have to a villain main. The End is Nigh has seen a future in more terrible detail than a person can see and stay sane: The world will end in a catastrophic invasion by beings unfathomable, against whom no force can stand. That will not stop him from trying. Everyone has to be stronger, and if they can't beat him then they've got no chance to prevail against the terrors to come.


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It's been at least ten years since your first edit at Paragon Wiki, and, like fine vintage items, any more anniversaries are just numbers. This'll do.

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Your efforts at documenting the contents of City of Heroes are greatly appreciated. (Awarded to everyone who made an edit in the year prior to September 1, 2007.)