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By carefully striking at their foes, Sentinels work towards creating opportunistic attacks that can weaken their foes or grant themselves a chance to recoup. Any enemy that a Sentinel focuses attacks on will be easier to hit and will suffer an additional 5% damage from incoming attacks. Multiple Sentinels can work together to make this effect stronger. Occasionally, the Sentinel may find an extreme vulnerability in a target that can be exploited to deliver up to 25% additional damage against it for a limited time. Only one such extreme vulnerability may be exploited at a time.


Opportunity is the Sentinel's inherent power. When a Sentinel attacks an enemy, it reduces the enemy's Defense and Damage Resistance. In addition, it has a random chance to mark a target, which will take an additional 25% damage when the next attack is delivered.

Type Archetype-Specific (Sentinel)
Effects Single Target: -Def, -Res, Chance for crit (+25% additional damage)


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