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I don't look remotely like this anymore. Image 1999
Globalchat.png This user's global chat handle is @Andromeda.
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Character Info
CoX Game Icon.png This user plays both City of Heroes and Villains on the Virtue server.
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Archetypeicon blaster.png This user's main hero is a Blaster named Apollinaris.
V archetypeicon brute.png This user's main villain is a Brute named Kali Erinyes.
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I'm a player who is primarily based on the Virtue server. I do have a few characters on the Victory server but these are rarely played. I'm based out of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Player Gaming Information

In addition to playing City of Heroes I am an active pen and paper player. I commonly play Dungeons and Dragons, now in the 4th edition, in home games with friends as well as RPGA. I'm also a big fan of Mutants and Masterminds and hope to be able to post Mutants and Masterminds stats for characters as subarticles sometime in the future. Other games I've been an avid fan of in the past have been Battletech (Now called Classic Battletech) and Mechwarrior (Now called Classic Battletech RPG), Big Eyes Small Mouth, Tri-stat dX, and Arcanis for D&D 3.5.

I can also be seen outside of City of Heroes on Xbox Live and Steam, and I enjoy a wide variety of games. In particular I like FPS games, RPGs, and 4X Strategy games. I also typically enjoy any game more if it has an avid multiplayer following, especially if it is team-based. My favorite RPG is Lunar: Eternal Blue (Complete), and my favorite FPS game is Team Fortress in any of it's incarnations.

Other MMOs I play or have played in the past include Everquest (yuck), Planetside (Good ol' days), World of Warcraft (It's ok), Lineage 2 (DOUBLE YUCK!), and Nexus Kingdom of the Winds (Ehh?)

Non-Gaming Information

Outside of gaming I am a mild-mannered computer technician who suffers from too many stupid hobbies syndrome. I enjoy drawing though I'm horribly out of practice, and R/C car racing though my nitro car has probably rusted by now. I've even go so far as to refurbish an X-men vs. Street Fighter arcade cabinent and hook it up to a PC. Recently I've typically confined my hobbies to reading, writing, making videos on youtube, and playing video games.

I have a documented weakness for Hawaiian shirts, and Panama hats. Or just hats in general, really.

City of Heroes Gaming

In the game I'm an active member of the Paragonian Knights. All of my characters belong to one of the SGs for the Knights. I'm always in a team when I play and I almost never solo. I currently have three characters at level 50, my Blaster Apollinaris, my Brute Kali Erinyes, and my Arachnos Soldier Crab Spider Zincarla. I also have a Peacebringer named Faydreal, two scrappers named Fencer Naiad and Nox Lunae, and a Mastermind name Crimson Siren. I'm currently addicted to the Mission Architect and am the author of the Redoubt Operations mission arc of which more information can be found at VirtueVerse. My arcs usually take a while to come out as I'm trying to space them out and I typically do a trailer video for each arc before or at the time of it's release.


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