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United Nations Special Service Medal

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From the Story Arc "Collateral Damage" given by Laura Lockhart.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 20-24.

Souvenir's Text

United Nations Special Service Medal

Colonel Taggard pinned this on you personally, in honor of your efforts against the 5th Column. The memory is tinged with regret, however, and you remember the struggle as a desperate campaign against...

Collateral Damage

It began when Petty Officer Laura Lockhart of the United Nations Special Forces contacted you about a recent problem with the 5th Column. For some reason, the Column had become increasingly bold in their attacks on Council outposts, and the fighting was spilling out into Steel Canyon proper. She recruited two heroes to help her with the growing 5th Column threat: you, and another Paragon native named Leon.

You and Leon worked together to fight back the 5th Column. Your mission was to gather information regarding the source of the 5th Column surge - a mission that seemed to run into repeated dead ends. Only when Laura sent you on a solo mission to identify a secretive Column informant did you begin to make headway in your task.

Unfortunately, as soon as you began making progress against the Column, their informant gave up information on the Steel Canyon UNSF headquarters. The 5th Column sent a full invasion force, and you had to rush to their defense. Laura perished in the struggle, and the informant revealed his true motives - Leon himself had been working with the 5th Column from the beginning.

You managed to drive off an overwhelming force of 5th Column soldiers, and left to pursue Leon. During your final confrontation, you were faced with Leon and a 5th Column Commander, working together against the Council. By breaking the Column's connection with their new source of information, you managed to stop their surge into Steel Canyon... but at great cost.

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