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Trapdoor's Tooth

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From the Story Arc "Escaped!" given by Operative Grillo.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 45-50.

Souvenir's Text

This is a tooth you knocked out of Trapdoor, an arrogant young teleporter you had to chase down in a tale you like to call:


It all started when Operative Grillo sent you after an escaped test subject with advanced teleportation abilities. He was last seen near the local Crey offices. Breaking into the offices, you interrogated the head Crey researcher and found out Crey had transferred the teleporter to one of their local labs.

You attacked the Crey lab and managed to track down the escaped lab subject, codenamed 'Trapdoor'. However, he gained enough control of his teleportation powers to get away at the last minute! Operative Grillo seemed unperturbed however, mentioning something about a contingency plan.

Operative Grillo had his technicians build a Teleportation Suppressor Gun. This device would set up a passive teleportation disruption field keyed to Trapdoor's DNA pattern, preventing long-range teleports. Additionally, if the gun was used directly against Trapdoor it would temporarily short out his short-range teleport abilities as well! Without his long-range teleportation abilities you managed to take down Trapdoor easily.

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