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Transformed Rikti

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Transformed Rikti


These Rikti only spawn during the mission Defeat Aurora Borealis and Allies of Psimon Omega, and you can have up to 5 of them. They will follow you and attack your targets just like pets, but you can't give them any kind of orders. Apparently, it doesen't matter if they survive the mission or not. They are under Rikti faction, and despite being presented as Minions, they had Pet class hit points.

They spawn when Psionic Activator is used on a Stasis Tube.


The Rikti Conscripts were once regular people who were horribly mutated by the effects of experimentation.


During the mission, the only power I saw them use was:


PsionicAssault MentalDart.png Psionic Dart Ranged, Minor Damage (Psionic), Foe -Recharge
This basic attack does minor Psionic damage, and can slightly reduce a target's attack speed, but has a very fast attack rate.

Transformed Riktis seem to lack any kind of Melee attacks, and are slow movers, moving in...slow motion. They are able to run, but they seem to use this skill rarely. Be a bit patient with them, as is easy to leave them behind without realizing.