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Timothy Raymond

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Timothy Raymond
Timothy Raymond.jpg
Ex Lost
Zone Nerva Archipelago
Coordinates (425, 40, 6588)
Level Range 30-34
Introduced By

== Level 25-29 ==
Shadowy Figure

== Level 30-35 ==
Introduces == Level 35-39 ==
Kelly Uqua
Enemy Groups

Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns
Badge villain crey.png Crey
V badge Longbow.png Longbow

Badge villain new rikti.png Rikti
Badges V badge StatureBadge6.png Exterminator
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Timothy Raymond is a villain contact in the Crimson Cove neighborhood of Nerva Archipelago at coordinates (425, 40, 6588). Timothy Raymond is a Science origin contact. His level range is 30-34.


Contact Introduced By

Level 25-29

Contact Introduces

Acquaintance requests: introduction.

Level 35-39

You know Kelly Uqua. She works for Crey Industries. Her specialty is acquiring exotic technologies, particularly Rikti technology, no questions asked. Crey recently moved her out to the Rogue Isles from Paragon City after some rumors about journalists disappearing started to pop up. This could be good for you, because that means she has to re-build her network of 'Acquisitions Agents.' She can get you Science and Mutant Enhancements.

Kelly's manner: a bit strange. She lives for her work, though, so take my advice and don't cross her.


Ex Lost

Timothy Raymond could have been a hero. His latent psionic abilities, under the proper tutelage, could have developed into truly phenomenal powers. Sadly, that wasn't in the cards for Timothy. Instead of attracting the attention of Paragon City's heroes, his abilities attracted the attention of The Lost. He was recruited into their ranks, where he remained for nearly a year while his body and mind underwent drastic changes due to continued use of the mutagenic drug, Shift. His mental power eventually enabled Timothy to free himself, but not without permanent damage to his own psyche. Arachnos likes to keep him around because they suspect that Rikti secrets lie deep within his troubled mind. Whether that's true or not remains to be seen.

Prior to Introduction

We are strangers, you and I. Suggestion: seek the one in the shadows. If he trusts you, I will too.

Initial Contact

Character: at last. You have haunted my dreams for some time, and now you are here in the flesh. This moment: doubt, excitement, terror. I know we will bring one another closer to our destinies. But I do not know whether those destinies are happy or forlorn.


  • Our destiny awaits us.
  • Character: Welcome.
  • You have much to do.

Too Busy

Character: overburdened. Advice: complete tasks.

No More Missions

Our paths no longer converge.


  • Inspirations
  • Level 30 Mutation/Science Dual Origin Enhancements (200% base costs)

My trust in you increases. Character becomes: truest friend. Please accept: all I can offer. Please call me.

  • Level 30 Science Single Origin Enhancements (200% base costs)

You and I: simpatico. Never forget this. I would love to help you further.

  • Level 35 Science Single Origin Enhancements (200% base costs)

Badge Mission

See the mission Eliminate Kit'Vul, found in the Lost and Found story arc.

Note: This mission is listed as 'Lost and Found' in the Flashback system. Although it is part of a story arc, doing the first mission only is sufficient to earn the badge.

Story Arcs

Lost and Found

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 12 Reward Merits.

Timothy Raymond was once a normal man, as normal as anyone can be in the Rogue Isles. When he was younger, he ran with the street gang The Lost. However, he got in over his head way too quickly. The Lost liked him, used him for bizarre experiments. The Rikti were involved as well. You still have the video footage of the experiments / torture sessions.

Talking to Raymond you can feel the hatred he has for the Rikti push off of him like a wave of heat. He makes your own anger rise just by standing next to him. You've seen many things and done many more in your time in the Isle, but what they did to Timothy Raymond is unforgivable.

Note: The story arc Lost and Found has missions which are played in a random order, other than the first and the last mission.

Eliminate Kit'Vul


Character: Greetings. I don't know what you've heard about me, but I know the kinds of things people say. They say I'm crazy. They say I'm amnesiac. Well, maybe they're right. Since I broke free of The Lost, I haven't really been right in the head. Can't even remember half the things that happened to me while I was with them. And I hate them for that. That's why we're talking. I've learned the location of the Rikti soldier I escaped from. If you can eliminate Kit'Vul, you'll have my eternal gratitude. Commence: Violence! Kit'Vul: Destroy!

Mission acceptance

The Rikti ruined my life. Payment: Compulsory!

Unnecessary solicitation

Payment: Compulsory!

Mission Objective(s)

You hold your breath. Hopefully your target isn't far.

  • Eliminate Kit'Vul

Failure - Kit'Vul has escaped you!
Success - You defeated the Rikti who kept Timothy a prisoner.
Note: Though neither the Briefing nor the Objectives mention this, Kit'Vul will try to make a run to the exit as soon as he is damaged enough, or if his escort is defeated. Have ready a method to stop him somehow before engaging!


Badge villain new rikti.png Rikti

Notable NPCs:


Successful completion of this mission earns a villain the Accomplishment Exterminator Badge.

File:V badge StatureBadge6.png Exterminator

The Rikti are like vermin. Good thing you were around to clean 'em out.

Debriefing Mission Failure:

So, Kit'Vul escaped you? Character, I'm not happy about this. Our Friendship: On rocky ground. If you want to keep working with me, you'll have to shape up!

Debriefing Mission Success:

You've made the Rikti pay for destroying my life. But somehow I don't feel sated. I guess Peace: Elusive, huh, Character? I want to see the Rikti pay more.

Kidnap the scientists


Character, I have an urgent matter to discuss. One of my contacts within Arachnos has tipped me off to a Crey experiment being conducted right here in Nerva. Crey has several scientists investigating the human memory, especially in cases where it has been corrupted due to psionic tampering. I want those scientists. They may be able to help me recover the months I lost during my stay with the Rikti.

Mission acceptance

My memory: Gone. My former self: Dead. Help me, Character.

Unnecessary solicitation

Scientists: Where?

Mission Objective(s)

Arachnos suspects there are valuable secrets locked inside Timothy's addled skull. If you can unlock them, it could mean a big step up in the world.

  • Kidnap the scientists
    • 3 doctors to kidnap

You kidnapped the doctors.


Badge villain crey.png Crey

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Kidnapping a doctor will result in a silent ambush by Crey on your way to the exit.


You've done well, Character. Arachnos will keep those scientists you kidnapped on ice for a while. With any luck, they'll be able to restore my lost memories. If they can't, things won't go so well for them. Arachnos: Forgiving: Not.

Unmask the Rikti spy

Ask Kelly Uqua about spy


One thing I can thank the Rikti for: under their control, my latent psionic powers became greatly enhanced. Lately, I have been able to sense the people around me. Not clearly, not completely. But still, the power is there. I can sense that somewhere, within the ranks of Crey, a Rikti spy lurks. Help me unmask and destroy this individual, and I will reward you quite well.

Mission acceptance

An ally: Kelly Uqua. She works within Crey, and has been seeking the spy's identity for me. Please speak to her at once.

Unnecessary solicitation

Seek Information: Kelly Uqua.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Ask Kelly Uqua about spy


Thanks for coming, Character. At first, I thought Timothy was crazy when he said there was a Rikti working at Crey. That is, until I did some digging. I've uncovered the spy's identity: Thornbird. Thornbird used to be loyal to Crey: in fact, he was a Paragon Protector! But lately, his activities have been erratic. I think Thornbird was replaced some months ago by a Rikti who was genetically altered to look just like him. I can't tell the company about this, it would cause an epidemic of panic! It's better if you just take out Thornbird without anyone knowing why. He's leading a research expedition in Primeva.

Defeat Thornbird & his guards

Unnecessary solicitation

Primeva Isle

Rikti Spy: Filth! Contamination! Destroy!

Mission Objective(s)

It's surprising that a Rikti spy was able to squeak past Crey's rigorous security measures.

  • Defeat Thornbird & his guards
    • Don't let Thornbird escape!

Success - You defeated Thornbird, the Rikti spy.
Note: Due to the mission entrance/exit being a red portal rather than a door, Thornbird will not run out despite his dialogue, and thus, the mission cannot currently be failed.


Badge villain crey.png Crey

Notable NPCs

Debriefing Mission Success:

Excellent. Rikti spy: destroyed. You: to thank.

Help Timothy's sister


I remember little about my life before the Lost, but I remember one person: my sister. We were twins, and altough I am now so altered she would scarcely recognize me, I still feel a connection to her. Last night, I felt a sharp pang of panic. I believe Tina is in danger from Longbow. Please, help my sister!

Mission acceptance

I'll pay you well, don't worry. As long as Tina makes it out alive.

Unnecessary solicitation

My sister is still in Longbow hands!

Mission Objective(s)

If Tina has attracted Longbow attention, Crey Industries won't be too pleased with her performance. Of course, that's not your problem.

  • Extract Tina Raymond from base

Failure - You failed to rescue Timothy's sister from Longbow.
Success - You rescued Timothy's sister from Longbow!

Both groups will be hostile to each other during this mission.

Badge villain crey.png Crey
V badge Longbow.png Longbow

Notable NPCs

Debriefing Mission Failure:

So, you have failed my sister. And she remains in Longbow hands. My Past: Dead Entirely. Even my Sister: Lost Forever.

Debriefing Mission Success:

Thank you for freeing my sister from those Longbow vigilantes. I am sure there are good things ahead of her. I may have lost my past, but at least Remains: Intact: One Part of it. Tina.

Save the Arachnos lab


Arachnos agents have often come to my aid. They're helping me get closer to uncovering the lost fragments of my past, but right now they're in trouble. Crey security forces are attacking an Arachnos lab, bent on stealing Arachnos technology. We're going to have to save that Arachnos lab, Character. It'll be good for both our reputations.

Mission acceptance

This task: Most dangerous. Take care.

Unnecessary solicitation

Arachnos: Needs Help: Urgently.

Mission Objective(s)

An alarm siren echoes down these corridors.

  • Defeat all Crey agents in lab
    • Seek reason for raid

You saved the Arachnos base, and made a startling discovery!


Badge villain crey.png Crey


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

You found an interesting video file.

Icon clue generic.png
Video footage
This footage, downloaded from an Arachnos computer, shows hideous experiments being performed on members of the Lost. You recognize one of the subjects as none other than your contact, Timothy Raymond.


Well done, Character. Arachnos: my sworn friends. This: Incontrovertible. They have shown such an interest in helping me recover my memory, and I am glad to be able to repay them.

Strange Memories

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 6 Reward Merits.

Souvenir: Rikti embryo

You've kept this Rikti embryo fertilized with human DNA as a reminder of an unusual adventure you like to think of as:

Strange Memories

It began with a sudden resurgence of Timothy Raymond's memory: he recalled a secret Rikti base in Primeva. You ventured there, and defeated the Rikti inside, but were left with questions. The Rikti leader seemed to remember Timothy, but you had no idea what this might mean.

Timothy's frustration with his lost memory reached a peak then. He decided he was tired of waiting for Arachnos to help him recover his memory. Instead, he sent you to a Circle of Thorns base, where you stole a tome that would help him regain his memories.

The spells contained within the tome worked, and Timothy remembered something more: his DNA had been stolen by the Rikti. He sent you to investigate, and what you uncovered was horrible and fascinating at the same time. The Rikti had used Timothy's DNA to fertilize a number of Rikti embryos. You could only assume his latent psionic gifts were somehow of use to them.

You smuggled the embryos away, and gave most of them to Timothy, who immediately resolved to incinerate them. Before he sent you away, he parted with one final secret, the last thing he had remembered. Rikti were people. Somehow, humans and Rikti shared a common genetic heritage. You're not sure of the full implications of this secret, but you know it's a valuable one.

Wipe out the Rikti


I've remembered something. A secret Rikti base on Primeva, one they never speak of, even in their most secret communications. I think I was kept there. If we move quickly, we may be able to catch the scum-sucking vermin unaware. I want every Rikti in that base wiped out. Do you understand me?

Mission acceptance

Each Rikti: Dead. Their Legacy: Finished!

Unnecessary solicitation

Each Rikti: Dead!

Mission Objective(s)

These caves are unnaturally warm.

  • Defeat all Rikti in base

You defeated all the Rikti, but are left with questions.


Badge villain new rikti.png Rikti

Pik'Tarn gasped, 'Circle: Draws Closed. His Past: Our Future.'

Icon clue generic.png
Pik'Tarn's story
When you defeated the Rikti warrior Pik'Tarn, he gasped:

'Circle: Draws Closed. His Past: Our Future.'

It could be that this has something to do with Timothy's lost memories.

Notable NPCs


Pik'Tarn mentioned me? By name? Situation: Terrifying Yet Compelling. Character, we have to learn more.

Raid the Circle library


I've been dealing with this butchered memory of mine for long enough, Character. Tired: Playing Around. Ready: Action! Arachnos keeps telling me if I'm patient enough they'll help me recover my lost memories. Well, Guess What: Timothy: Patient Enough. If science can't help me, I'm going to try magic. I've learned of a Circle of Thorns library over on Primeva. I want you to get there and find anything you can that might help restore my memory.

Mission acceptance

Thank you for doing this, Character. You are a truer friend than most.

Unnecessary solicitation

Restore me, Character.

Mission Objective(s)

The air smells sharply of cloves.

  • Raid the Circle Library

You have a book that you believe may help Timothy.

Note: The mission briefing does not mention this, but all you need to do in this mission is find a glowie, combat is actually unnecessary. There are six different glowies though, but the only one you need is the one with the clue.

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Taking each book will result in three ambushes by Circle of Thorns.

Random Circle of Thorns minion: "We are under attack!"
Random Circle of Thorns minion: "Character must not steal our treasures!"
Random Circle of Thorns minion: "Punish the interloper!"
Random Circle of Thorns minion: "Destroy Character!"
Random Circle of Thorns minion: "Protect the library!"
Random Circle of Thorns minion: "Character must die!"


Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns

You have found a book called, 'Too Good to be True: Exercises in Alchemy.'
You have found a book written in a language you cannot decipher.
The text on these pages swims and reforms itself before your eyes.
You found a diary that appears to be thousand of years old.
You found a ponderous tome on uses of lambs' eyes through the ages.
You found a tome titled 'On the Human Mind: Unlocking its Secrets.'

Icon clue generic.png
Mystic tome
This tome, titled 'On the Human Mind: Unlocking its Secrets', seems promising. It may well help you restore Timothy's memory.


Thank you, Character. I'll try reading the incantation. If this works, we should know immediately.

Qual est vandoroth

Ural san dermoth

Kasail kasail

Kal men taderoth

I remember, Character! I remember it all!

Recover Timothy's DNA


Character, I should have tried a magical means of restoring my memory long ago. I remember everything. When I was a member of the Lost, the Rikti took DNA samples from me. I imagine because of my psionic gifts. I don't know what they did with those samples, but I know where I was when they took them. I want you to get to that Rikti lab and recover my DNA. While you're there, destroy anyone who gets in your way.

Mission acceptance

I don't really know what the Rikti's plan for my DNA was. But I know I can't let it succeed.

Unnecessary solicitation

Rikti: Destroy!

Mission Objective(s)

According to experts, the entire world is dotted with these underground Rikti bunkers. The strength of their forces on Earth remains impossible to calculate.

  • Defeat all Rikti in lab
    • Find Timothy's DNA

You found several test tube embryos!
You have found Timothy's DNA, and make a shocking discovery!


Badge villain new rikti.png Rikti


So, the Rikti were using my DNA to create a new generation of aliens? I can only assume my psionic gifts gave them something they lacked. But there's something else I have to tell you, Character. Something else I've remembered. Rikti: Humans. They share a common ancestry with us. Some How. Some Way. That's why my DNA could fertilize their embryos, and it's probably the biggest secret left on this earth. There's no way I'm sharing this info with Arachnos. Now that I have my memory back, I recall a lot of nasty things they've done to me. No, Character, this secret is just for you and me.

At least I won't share a legacy with the creatures. I'm going to incinerate these embryos you found, Character. I'd rather die than be father to the Rikti's future!