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The thanks of the World

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From the Story Arc "Project: World Wide Red" given by Crimson.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 45-50.

Souvenir's Text

The thanks of the World

You received this joint certificate of thanks from the American and Chinese government when you put a stop to:

Project: World Wide Red.

It all began when you investigated the site where a group of Freakshow had attempted to kidnap Ambassador Zheng Xiaoxuan, his aide Leung Linwei, and Jack Firenze, the head of the CIA's China Bureau. It seems the Freaks had run into more than they could handle, and the place was now crawling with Malta Group operatives. You rescued all of the hostages, but found out little more information.

You next saved Yasha Kristoff, a Russian ambassador who had gotten into a loud disagreement with Ambassador Zheng and was now being stalked by the Knives of Artemis. He told you that the ambassador had been acting strangely confrontational and belligerent towards the United States.

The situation at the embassy took a turn for the worse when the ambassador's aide, Leung Linwei, filed a report against the ambassador's disruptive behavior with her government, and was then abducted by unknown forces. After you rescued her, she told you that the real Ambassador Zheng had been replaced by a shape-shifting impostor called 'Moment!'

Now that you knew about Moment the shape-shifter, Crimson was able to put some information together and found the location where the real ambassador was being kept alive so that the impostor could sample his DNA and interrogate him at will. You rescued the ambassador, who told you told you how he had been replaced. He also mentioned another prisoner, a Dr. Hedia Lamarr who he had met during his captivity.

You fought and captured the shape-shifter called Moment. Though he tried to defeat you by using a combat form. you prevailed. The real Ambassador Zheng went back to work. but you were still left with a number of questions.

You next struck the Malta Group base that had been housing Moment. and found out that the replacement of Ambassador Zheng had been part of a larger operation. code-named World Wide Red. Moment's job was to destabilize U.S./China relations leading up to an attack utilizing something called Project: Wildflower. and that Dr. Hedia Lamarr was being forced to work on Wildflower. You also discovered that Malta was preparing some of their Kronos Titan to deal with threats like you.

You sought information about the Malta Group's involvement with China by talking to Jack Firenze again. only to find him under attack by Malta. He told you about some mysterious foreign operatives who had been trying to gain access to China's military.

You struck the location where the foreign agents Firenze spoke of might be. and found Malta operatives and a newly escaped Moment. After you defeated their heavy resistance. they swore that he knew nothing about operations in China. The mission was not a loss. though. You found antidote pills for exposure to Operation: Wildflower. and better still. a way to trace down the captive Dr. Lamarr by looking for certain isotopes Project: Wildflower needed.

Acting quickly. you were able to find Dr. Lamarr at the Malta base where she was being forced to work on Project: Wildflower. She explained that Wildflower was a perversion of her own work. a symbiotic invisible nanotechnology-based ecosystem that Malta wanted reprogrammed to kill on their command. If released. it could infect the entire world. invisibly placing it under Malta control. Their first strike would be to kill thousands of heroes. yourself included! As you rushed to the site where Malta was letting the nanites multiply before releasing them. Malta unleashed their Kronos Titan! Undaunted. you made it to the nanite factory and reset all of the nanites to break themselves down. nipping Project: Wildflower in the bud.

With Malta operations reeling. you helped Indigo infiltrate their network. She found out that Malta had planned to use the hero massacre from Wildflower as a pretext for starting a war with China by using Moment and their blackmail information.

You next hit the facility where the Kronos class Titan you'd seen earlier was constructed. and found out that they had made a second one. You also found out that Director 17. the head of World Wide Red. was in the city and that his cover identity was within the CIA.

Crimson used his ex-CIA contact Melvin Langley to learn the identity of Director 17. and when that contact was captured. you went in and rescued him. Melvin told you that Director 17 was none other than Jack Firenze!

Crimson and Indigo exposed Firenze and his part of the Malta Group to the world and you went in and captured the traitorous director. At the last moment he activated the second Kronos Titan to destroy the city! Through valiant battle. you were able to destroy the second Titan stop Firenze's revenge. Project: World Wide Red was over.

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