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The War of the Fir Bolg

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From the Story Arc "The Fir Bolg War" given by Skipper LeGrange.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 25-29.

Souvenir's Text

You can still taste the sulfur in your mouth and can't help but think of...

The War of the Fir Bolg

It was all Skipper's fault, that's what you tell yourself as you look back on your questionable run-ins with the Fir Bolg. As you fought them you began to see them as more than just creatures, but as actual beings who were trapped here, what's worse is that they blamed you for it all. You later come across them when you went after the Mayor's tome of protective runes, but not before you realized the Fir Bolg were simply trying to protect themselves from the Red Caps. But everything came to a head when the Fir Bolg decided to try and push the Tuatha into Salamanca in order to get rid of them. You were sent by Skipper to stop the ceremony. It didn't matter how much you empathized wh the Fir Bolgs, you had innocents to protect.

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