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The Shining Stars - With Friends Like These

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From the Story Arc "With Friends Like These" given by Twinshot.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 15-19.

Souvenir's Text

With Friends Like These

What Manticore told you changed the way you saw your teammates. What seemed like an otherwise innocent band of rag-tag heroes has gained a more sinister element. You resolved to continue working within the Shining Stars, all the while investigating which of your teammates could have betrayed Paragon, and your trust.

After the encounter with the Praetorian Clockwork, Twinshot sent you and Grym to train against some hyper-powered Hellions. When you returned, you learned that Twinshot had discovered numerous interdimensional disturbances that could represent the Praetorians at work.

You investigated one warehouse that was filled with Praetorian Clockwork, and managed to save the hide of a fledgling hero, No Mind, in the process. While you were there, you found some clues that could tie citizens of Paragon to the Praetorians' appearances.

Twinshot asked you to investigate the items you found, which ended up taking you all across Steel Canyon. After speaking with Serge and Detective Martins to no avail, you discovered that an employee at Cooke's Electronics sold illegal hardware, capable of sending and receiving signals across dimensions! You immediately brought this info back to Twinshot for further investigation.

Twinshot and Proton agreed that the info you uncovered could lead to the Praetorian plot. They sent you to Manticore's Mansion to use his network database, hoping you could uncover more about the illicit sale. While you were researching, however, you stumbled onto a file detailing information about your teammates - including a file that connects Twinshot to Praetoria! As you were leaving the mansion, Praetorian Clockwork ported in and ambushed you, and you were forced to fight your way out.

Convinced that Twinshot had set you up, you spoke with Grym and planned your final confrontation. However, when you entered the Shining Stars base to confront Twinshot, it was already under attack! You fought your way through the Clockwork attackers, only to discover that Proton had been building a massive Rift Portal inside your base! His Praetorian allies - whom he believed to be from a future version of Primal Earth - attacked you and your team. You fought them off, and convinced Proton to seek treatment.

In the end, you managed to uncover and stop the Praetorian plot against Paragon City. Unfortunately, the Shining Stars have disbanded, and you have all gone your separate ways.

Perhaps one day you'll reunite with your friends, and the Shining Stars will save the day once again. At this point, not even Proton can tell you what the future holds.

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