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The Only Good Day Was Yesterday

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From the Story Arc "The Only Good Day Was Yesterday" given by Noble Savage.

Souvenir's Text

It started as a simple scavenger mission...

The Only Good Day Was Yesterday

...insofar as anything in First Ward is simple, at least. Soon, however, it became clear that D.U.S.T. had a crisis on its hands in the Free-Fire Zone. But after investigating several of their facilities, which were overrun with mutated Seers called the Awakened and the angry spirits of the Apparitions, it started to get...unclear. Noble Savage, the new Hetman of the Compound, decided to bring in an expert on psychic phenomena and set you to recruit Katie Douglas, perhaps more famously known as Seer 1381. But you weren't the only one looking for Katie. And Apparition, known only as the 'Surgeon', had piggybacked along with you, and now that you had led him to Katie he wanted to claim her for himself. Free of the Surgeon's influence you were able to dispatch the thing, though it didn't do much in the way of making a good first impression.

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